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  • Saturday gigue

    I've heard a track very similar to 'Saturday Gigue' by The Roundtable being used on telly recently (sorry, I forgot where). Idle assuming leads me to think that it's more likely that Ken Moule heard a good jazz track and was 'inspired' to write 'Saturday Gigue' rather than the other way around but, any which way, does anyone know the tune I'm on about? Something else I'd like to ID...

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    Don't know the tune you're referring to, but some of Ken Moule's stuff for Ember has been reissued on CDs from the Atmosphere library (with 'Mae West' seeming to turn up everywhere&#33 - perhaps it's one of these you're hearing?

    If anyone can put a short clip of 'Saturday Gigue' up here, I might be able to help!