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Latin special at hot, funky & sweaty

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  • Latin special at hot, funky & sweaty

    Hot, Funky & Sweaty: Thurs Feb 05 – Kico Cowen’s Afro-Cuban Groove live.

    Salmon & Compasses, 58 Penton St, Angel, London N1.
    Every 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month, 8pm-2am. £2.

    We’ve got something special lined up this Thursday, something to help shrug off the mega-gloomy start to the new year. Presenting the Hot, Funky & Sweaty latin special, with Kico Cowan’s Afro-Cuban Groove playing live – not to be missed. These dudes are the real deal. All accomplished jazz musicians, Kico’s a Ronnie Scotts regular. Expect lots of percussion, flutes, sax, vocals – all that shit.

    Plus we have the notorious Si Cheeba guest DJing – plenty of arse burnin’ Boogaloo and haaard funk everywhere and everyone’s gonna get infected with Sars rhythm sickness so don’t miss, get out of the kitchen and burn...

    Hot, Funky & Sweaty: bringing you the super-heavy Funk, Soul & Breakbeat Rare through the power of live bands & dusty vinyl. Live bands twice a month.


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    count me in. been looking forward to this one since you mentioned it - sounds like a blinder! and cheeba on decks, wicked!
    Chops for show, groove for dough.


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      I'll see you there for a or 5 (I'll have to live up to my new student status&#39!

      Kico & crew are the toughest!
      Go on wit'cha bad elf


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        That's great guys! There's been a series of problems that have prevented the A0 sized flyposters going up, with Kico's band on them and the flyer still hasn't been printed up yet. Note: These are due to circumstances beyond my control! Man, what do I have to do to try and get a funk night off the ground, man!

        Anyways, I'm very worried about people who would come, not coming simply because they don't know... Anyways, please tell all you run into cos this has all the potential to be a stormer!


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          no didout!

          I'm waiting for the 'jonnycuba' song!!!

          can't wait
          Go on wit'cha bad elf


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            nick - a few non-nerd mates might turn up for this one too so don't be downhearted!
            Chops for show, groove for dough.


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              Be ready for some burnt asses boyeeeee!

              Looking forward to this and seeing the massive again - for the first time this year.

              Lots of NY latin soul action plus plenty o' greasy hammond and dirty jazz will be in full e-feez-ect!


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                Quick update: Mike AKA Bongolia will also be guest spinning a few too - now who's gonna play Lupita then?


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                  I've only got a mid 90s re-ish of that one - is that allowed ?

                  (shame on me...)

                  But I'm sure an OG gold label - Use It Before You Lose It - is an equal substitue (eh, Serms ?) or Manny's Pow Wow 45...


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                    It's allowed Si - this isn't one of those stoopid ultra funk type nights, where they try to call it deep or something...!


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                      Last night was baaaaaaaaad. I only meant to pop in for 'one'...Great party band.

                      Now can anyone explain the differences between samba, salsa, mambo and merengue!!

                      As a tribute I'm rocking Cheeba's boogaloo cd today. Yeah bwoiii.

                      Oh and mr Cuba. Show me this graff!
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                        top night indeed&#33; great band and a wicked set from sie (and nick and fin earlier)
                        Chops for show, groove for dough.


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                          Wow what a night, got far too pissed&#33; No college for me today (naughty;d think I would know better at my age )&#33;

                          well here&#39;s Bode (pronounced &#39;Bodi&#39...


                          Nice to hear some Latin Jazz by Latin Jazzers&#33;

                          Go on wit'cha bad elf


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                            Fuck, is that what he looks like in real life? Good luck with the tattoo Jon, but I wouldn&#39;t feel to trusting, having what looks like a bit player in Gareth Marenghi&#39;s Darkplace working on my arm...

                            Thanks to everyone who came down last night. Fantastic response to an incredible band. Really enjoyed the atmosphere and everyone was dancing, everyone. And the women&#33; A Japanese one and a Polish one spring to mind... heh.

                            Biggest props to our Si Cheeba: despite a lost exhaust and a few hours waiting for the RAC in deepest Essex, the dude pulled through and dropped seeeerious latin boogaloo heat on everyone - place went nuts&#33;


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                              Actually It would be Mark Bode doing the tat as vaughn died in the mid 70&#39;s in a mysterious auto erotic fatality...
                              Go on wit'cha bad elf