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  • Jamaican crown label

    This might not be the right forum, but can anyone provide any information on a dub 12" I picked up at the weekend...
    It was from a stinking pile that included the empty sleeve of Doing It To Death and a very battered copy of Say It Loud, but I did manage to salvage this and TV Vibrations for 50p each...
    It's in the usual condition for a reggae disc, but plays remarkably well and turns out to be very nice indeed. It reminds me of Joe Gibbs' African Dub series, partly because of its use of sound effects including what sound like seals! and some Nam radio comms. I'd say it is mid 70s fare. Nice and loud though, and it's on the Crown label of McDonald Lane, produced by L. Mackenzie. The titles are Mega Hertz, Geiger Hertz, Killo Roit & Hertz (bit of a theme there, and maybe a clue to the source???). There are no artist or other credits listed.
    Anybody know anything about the disc, label, producer?
    It ain't shakey