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Giving up on safari

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  • Giving up on safari

    I've been using Safari on and off for the past year, or 8 months or so... Although I love the fast loading, I cannit stand everything else about it - Safari is shite!

    If you're running round the net, after 15 mins or so, the bloody browser starts to spak out and freeze for a while, plus it slows everything else down too until it's finished with its fit... Does anyone else get this?

    Plus hardly any webshites fully support it - anything vaguely complicated won't work with Sarfari... Maybe I'm doing somethng wrong, so I thought I'd share this with you all in case there's a valid case for not deleting the godforsaken browser from my machine forever...

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    In both 9 and X I'm strictly an IE user... anything else makes me feel dirty.
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      I love it. You know there's an updated version of it knocking about that seems to work on everything.


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        safari is excellent. way better than any browser i've used. i use it in os-x panther without any problems or freezing...and very little incompatibility.

        as i'm typing, the system and safari have been up and running for 129 hours solid.

        very odd problems you're having there, nick.


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          Wait till you run Panther & all will fall into place...
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            I'll get me Panther!

            There's a guy over at Soul Strut having the same issues, it's weird how it freezes everything up... drivin me maaad! Jon, fancy bringing your Panther CD down tomorrow (tonight)?


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              Oi I'll do no such thing...I'm an honest citizen....
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                we're mainly a mac shop and all the serious users have safari. it's better at rendering pages than IE (faster and closer to the html specs) but it's bloody unstable if left running and also crap for plugins (flash for example)
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                  Ah... I tend to leave apps open like forever dewd... But one of the reasons I tend not to quit Safari is because it kind of won't quit. I get the colourful spindle wheel, designed to hypnotize you into thinking it only took 10 seconds to shut down instead of force quitting after 10 minutes, but it doesn't (though you are left with a sensation of wanting to eat some chicken) Honestly, I've never had to force quit anything so much...

                  So Panther and the interim solution of quitting every what, 30 mins? is the answer then....


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                    seriously nick, it doesn't need shutting down every 30 minutes.

                    if upgrading to panther doesn't solve the issues, then a clean install of the system would probably be the best idea, i think.

                    hope you solve it anyway. and don't give up on safari.


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                        Seeing as there are some mac heads here. At work I'm managing 3 mac's all running osx 10.2.8.

                        Do I have to pay £100 each to get this new 'panther' version of osx?

                        Bit f'kin cheeky isnt it? Seeing as its a broken os too. (Try osx and a windows network...ugh).

                        Edit. Our G5 didn't come with panther so this link is welcome.
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                          Postscript to the Safari thread:

                          I&#39;ve now installed Panther succesfully. Everything&#39;s a lot faster... Except for Safari. It&#39;s still a faster browser than Explorer, and I prefer the interface, which is brilliant for working with tons of categorised bookmarks, but it still keeps spaking out and crashing. Ed&#39;s right, its incredibly unstable, but it&#39;s benefits still keep me using it, which I guess is why I find it so bloody fustrating... I&#39;m caught in a terrible mac-22&#33;


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                            try this i hear d/l&#39;s are super dooper fast&#33;



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                              i&#39;ve been using Safari on a fairly regular basis since I got my eMac 2 weeks ago and I haven&#39;t had any problems with it yet. Have there been any Safari upgrades since it came out? I wonder if it&#39;s a glitch with the initial releases?

                              I&#39;m loving it though, fast page loading, the ability to block pop-up doesn&#39;t get any better than this.