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  • Yargo

    i'm fairly sure i saw yargo supporting that petrol emotion at norwich uea in 1987/88, and i've just found 6 records by them, it's difficult to describe them musically (elements of dub/reggae/funk(y) bass) they wouldn't be out of place in the 'on-u-sound camp, anyone else remember these?
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    Yes, they were a Manchester outfit, and were heavily supported by Tony Wilson in his Arts TV role at the time: I think they did a theme for his arts show 'The Other side Of Midnight' which appears in extended form on one of the LPs. I only ever saw two - 'Bodybeat' and another one with a sort of embridered hat on the front against a blue background. Haven't heard them in years, but I remember thinking there was good material and loads of potential (and a very strong voice) but somehow it didn't quite gel. Probably partly to do with under (then later over-) production on the records. Be interesting to see if they've dated well, though - some things do!

    Incidentally, always wondered what happened to another Manchester act of that era - AC Marias did a couple of singles and a rather disappointingly undercooked LP then vanished. But I heard 'Just Talk' again quite recently, and it sounded pretty nice - so where did she go?? At least I do now know that Stella Grundy (of Intastella) is still about - now their first LP is way underrated in my book... Ahem...anyway. Over to someone else now...
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