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    hardly an obscure item - has any vulture got a clue about how much you should pay for a copy of this OST? there seems to be a few different pressings out there and would appreciate any comments on which ones to go for and which to avoid, how much etc. anyone got a clue?

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    It seems fairly common in secondhand shops for around the £7.99 - £9.99 mark - about the same for original issues as the recent repress, in fact. Seen it a lot lower, though: as little as £2 in MVE Notting Hill late last year, for a copy I'd have rated as VG+. Dunno if there's much variation on pressings, though - certainly haven't noticed any!! As you say, think it's a fairly common item, hence not particularly pricey...

    Actually, I'm overestimating: there are a half-dozen copies on ebay right now (different issues - on Columbia, Deutsche Grammphon etc) & the highest is priced at &#369.99..

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      Nice artwork, cult piece, rumours of an orange pressing?
      seen 'em at booters plenty of times 50p-£1 tops
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        thanks, both of you. i'll wait for the booters to start round here and grab one.


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          What about the CBS pressing which is the "original' score for CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Walter Carlos.
          Is that worth much?

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            was about to say - i think the reason i've never picked this up is because i think there are two versions - one of just the classical pieces used in the film, and one of the actual Walter Carlos score. i assume the Deutsche Grammophon one might be the former.


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              The CBS copy of the O.S.T has a blue label and dates from 72' ive also got the 'well tempered synthesiser'and 'Switched on Bach vol2' but not vol 1,
              to be honest they're a bit odd, all that farting about on a huge modular synth and not a funky beat in sight. just loads of 'interpretations'of classical stuff,the best bits are the sleeve notes on the backs,oh some nice front covers though!
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