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Any british jazz heads?

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  • Any british jazz heads?

    Does anyone on this board collect britsh jazz?

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    Yup! I do. Although Im starting to get rid of a few bits cause i need the money, and in fact i aint got that much any way.
    I have had most of the Tubby Hayes LP (ones on Fontana), but i never managed to score any decent Don Rendell.
    Best things I've got & will keep are the Garrick ones on Argo, Norma Winstone on Argo, Blossom Dearie. Really want Hum Dono by Joe Harriott (think i spelt that badly) & that one on Morgan, can't think of the artist & title. Ah yes Ray Swinfield.
    The Gordon Beck LP's on Major Minor are all worthwhile + there is the one on Morgan that is fuck shit expensive.
    + Harold McNair Ive got a few of hi. Love that dude.

    Oh Yes..... Why d'ya ask.
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      has this always been hard to find.. been searching for years never shows up unless £££
      and that comp from gilles peterson hasn't made it easier ..


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        Speak to jonny trunk about jazz. He's a bit of a fiend when it comes to that.

        Whats the price on the joe harriot these days? £300? <- Changed URL


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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] (pokester @ Feb. 06 2004,11:09)]Does anyone on this board collect britsh jazz?
          I&#39;m very much into my Brit jazz but it can be expensive,need to get hold of more Michael Garrick,so (Boneyvotel) if you want to do a CDR swap shop let me know.
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            peter sundae....
            Yo peter, would love to do a CDR swop but im a tad behind on the technology front &amp; can&#39;t copy cd&#39;s, not long had a cd player proper.
            As soon as i get outta the dark ages it&#39;s on.
            Cheers Boney
            You can't take a stocking offa bare leg