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Pay Pal Mistake

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  • Pay Pal Mistake

    Whatever happened with this screw up from Pay Pal ?
    Did whomever like Sermad have to give that money back ?
    Did you have to give that money back, Sermad ?

    MAYBE it will take awhile for them to figure out whom
    got too much money and they will contact you in the future or maybe they already have contacted you

    What happened ?

    A list member contacted me telling me the story and asked me if I would send them, I think it was &#361,000.00 and then after they depositied the dough into their bank axcount,
    they would send me back the &#361,000 + half of the extra

    I told them they were insane and that Pay Pal WOULD figure it out and then NAIL THEM. Did Pay Pal nail you for their mistake ?


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    Think they were v. honorable & not only refunded what people lost in transactions, but also wrote off what the wily Sermads managed to gain... bit of a happy ending all round, I reckon... There was a link in an earlier thread on the outcome of this if I remember right.
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