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    Got a call from a local charity shop yesterday to let me know that the 2nd batch of an old guys records had just come in. The lady said she'd even keep the shop open for me. Anyway 2000 lp's were looked through and 200 bought (hence the girlfriend killing me comment )

    Well here's the pick (nothing stunning but lots of nice bits)

    Gunter Kallman - Once in Each life + Put a Little Love in Your Heart
    Andre Popp - Song For Anna + My movie Dreams
    Cordovox - The Amazing Sound of...
    Liberty Studio Orch - Tricks with Hits
    Raymond Lefevere - Concerto por un Voix
    the Coasters - Coast Along
    Ronnie Aldrich - Tomorrow's Yesterdays
    The International Allstars - Vibrations around the World
    John Schroeder - Love Viberations
    Henry Mancini - Hangin' Out
    Don Black - Movie Songbook
    Armando Trovaioli - Treasure of San Gennaro
    Francis Lai - Love is a Funny Thing
    The Wonderful World of Motion Pictures
    Mikis Theodorakis - Phaedra
    Hugo Winterhalter - Big Themes
    Leith Stevens - Destination moon
    Riz Ortolani - Ecco
    Film Music - Featuring Head, Hammerhead, Murderers Row, etc
    Fred Karlin - Yours, Mine and Ours
    Stanley Black - Film Spectacular
    Flloyd Kramer - Dallas
    Henry Mancini - Mancini's Angels
    Riz Ortolani - Women of the World
    Lalo Schifrin - The Eagle Has Landed
    Black Hole - Disney Soundtrack
    Mario Nascimbene - One Million Years BC
    Denis King - Screen Themes
    BBC - Angels + 15 other themes - Double
    Films in Music 3 - Italian comp with Goblin
    Alan Silvestri - Delta Force
    Jack Parnell - Film Scores of the &0's - Double
    Jack Hawkins - Everything is Beautiful - Double
    Paul Mauriat - Orchestra
    The Stereo 70 Orch - Viva Stereo 70 - Double
    Simon Park - Eye Level - Double
    Take a Break - Themes from the Ad's - Double
    Peddlers - The Fantastic - Double
    Ferrante and Teicher - Getting Together
    Paul mauriat - Stereo Spectacular - Double
    Super Stereo - Thrill to the Super Sound
    Riz Ortolani - Buona Sera Mrs campbell
    Percy Faith - Black magic Woman - Double
    Percy Faith - New thing - Double
    Geoff Love - Big Suspense - Double
    Top BBC TV Themes - Double
    John Barry Conducts
    John Barry Plays it Again
    John barry - The Concert
    John Barry - Americans

    The other 150 or so are all soundtracks, not particularly funky but loads of interesting titles.

    ED, do you know anything about the value of any of these, some are reissues from Jap, Italy, France, US etc

    I found loads of stuff on two reissue labels:

    Varese Sarabande - Really well done reissues of all sorts of mad soundtracks

    Citadel records - These are a division of the above label. Most of the reissues are from the late 70's, early 80's.

    Also do you know a soundtrack called "The Man with Bogart's face"? Value?

    Anyway the lady felt so sorry for me when I had finished that she rang her husband to come and pick me up and take me home, now that;s service!

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    Jammy in the extreme I'd say. I have a friend who runs a charity shop and she never gives me a heads up.

    Ah well at least its friday. Time for and a haircut so I can look instead of
    Enthusiastic vagueness passes for scholarship in the twilight world of the disc-jockey.

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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (llmod1 @ Feb. 06 2004,17:58)]Also do you know a soundtrack called "The Man with Bogart's face"? Value?
      from an early 80s b-movie? think it was one of george duning's last scores (famous composer active since the 40s). not an easy one to find but not too expensive either since it's not one of his best.
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        Ed, what about those reissue labels? Worth anything or does it depend on the title?


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          depends on title. varese stuff is usually very common and very cheap (except one or two LPs like Final Option). citadel is a little harder to find but not much goodness. some foreign issues of certain titles might be worth a little more if different covers etc.

          Chops for show, groove for dough.