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    Hey Vultures.

    Can anyone here shed a little light on a 60's lp from Germany called "DIE MORDSPLATTE". Its a spoken word lp with bits of jazzy crime music ala Gert Wilden/Peter Thomas mixed with german dialogue. The only group I am familar with is DIE JAVELINS which were a german beat group from that era. They do a few tracks on this. Its on Electrola "Extra Production' records.
    The notes are in german too. Anyone know what I'm on about???

    God bless Fatso.

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    Are there any composer/producer credits?


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      Composer credits include
      Franken - Bax; Grasshoff; Klever; Gaze; Haas; Qualtinger - Artmann; Porter - Motzl; Scnellpfeffer; Majewski; Wedekind; Rubiner; Raschekl; Brecht; Goetz; Phillipe - Gerhard.

      Bands include
      Hans - Martin Majewski Orchestra; Richard Munch; Wolfgang Neus; Brigitte Grothum; Wolfgang Preiss; Larry Adler; Helge Rosvaenge; Norbert Langer; Valentin Klaus; Die Javalins; Will Hohne; Helmut Qulatinger; Hanne Weider; Britto-Maria Korge; Brit Von Tiesenhausen; Karin Schmidt.

      God bless Fatso.


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        Could you list some of the titles on that record, please? I'd like to tell you whether this is from one film or TV show or whether it is a compilation of German "Krimi" themes.
        I don't recall a film with a matching title. Maybe it's a radio play. The title is a play on words, literally meaning "the murder(eous) record" but using 60s/70s slang it means "killer wax"...

        The names you listed as "Band members" include several German actors and voice artists who are most likely only credited for their dialog contributions.

        Hans - Martin Majewski Orchestra: Famous German film score composer. Check the compilation "Film-Jazz"

        Richard Munch: German actor who made it to the international level (The Train, The Longest Day, The Bridge at Remagen etc.)

        Wolfgang Neuss was a genius - one of the most talented German comedians with an extremely sharp wit who pushed his Hashish habit a little bit to far and became temporarily insane - but still imensly entertaining. If you speak German check out whatever you find by him.
        Here a visual document of his decay:
        From this via this  
        to this: And that, by the way, is not a pose, but how he really appeared on TV...
        ...most famously during a Talk Show with German President Richard von Weizsäcker.

        Brigitte Grothum: German actress

        Wolfgang Preiss: renown German actor, starred in some of the war films listed above for Munch

        Larry Adler: not sure, I think this is a harmomica soloist

        Helge Rosvaenge: hmm, the Danish tenor? He did record until late in his life, but this might be somebody with the same name

        Norbert Langer: not so much known as an actor but to this day one of the most requested German voice overs for Alain Delon, Robert Duvall, Clark Gable, Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck (Magnum), Little Joe (Bonanza)

        Klaus Valentin: small role actor in german B-Movies

        Die Javalins: never heard of them before. only found two goggle hits

        Will Hohne: no idea

        Helmut Qualtinger: a VERY big name (and man) in German comedy, acting and theatre. He is actually Austrian.

        Hanne Weider, I think that should be Hanne Wieder: Played in German Francis Durbridge adaptations along side Liselotte Pulver and others in the sixties but made her name as a chanson singer with the distinct voice who became a cult star in the German gay scene.

        Britto-Maria Korge and Brit Von Tiesenhausen: no idea

        Karin Schmidt: sings Weill / Brecht works and has a fithful audience outside Germany, especially in Italy.

        Speaking about obscure German records:
        Anyone knows whether this  is any good?


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          Why thankyou yemsky for detailed reply.
          Here is the tracklisting.....

          Seite One
          1. Agatha, lass das Morden sein!
          2. Der Tantenmorder
          3. Drei Kriminalsonette
          4. Apfelbock oder die Lilien auf dem Felde
          5. Hokuspokus

          Seite Two
          1. Al Capone
          2. Nettelbeck oder Die letzle Moglichkelt
          3. Die Frau des Sammiers
          4. Die leiche
          5. Das Futteral
          6. Das Schwarze Karussel
          7. Mein Mann ist verhindert
          8. Was willstu werden?
          9. Sex und Crime

          And as for the last pic which the topless chickie.....who cares if its any good. I want that lp.

          God bless Fatso.


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            Thanks for the track listing. Those are all songs / poems without a connection to a specific movie. Most of them are not film related at all. There is a sub-genre in German cabaret / chanson obsessed with crime themes. This goes back to Brecht's Dreigroschenoper and even further.

            The erect lady is still up for grabs (&#33, by the way, at a laughable 1 Euro. Just click on her.
            Pay attention to the fact that it's volume 2! She probably has a similarly titillazing sister around.


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              Ok then The big question is.........
              is DIE MORDSPLATTE worth big $$$$??????

              God bless Fatso.


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                Well, Yemsky's covered that pretty comprehensively - all I can add is that Larry Adler is probably the harmonica player, and 'Gaze' is probably Heino Gaze, who wrote 'Calcutta' and 'Berlin Melody', a couple of popular instrumentals in the early 60s.