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  • Brillo tomorrow night

    a few people asked for copies of Jonny's radio show that sermad and i guested on a few times. there will be CDRs of the shows tomorrow and a few spares of some soul strut mixes too.

    just ask early doors and you'll get a set of cd's. rather than burn the shows as audio CDs, they're individual .wav files per show so a single show will fit onto one data CDR instead of two audio CDRs. you can play them with any standard media player on windows or mac.

    if you'd like to reserve a set in advance, just send an SMS. ta.

    have a great sunday and see you tomorrow!
    Chops for show, groove for dough.

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    Ill be bringing lots of 45s as i have my box down with me so if anyone has trades make an effort to bring them and you may pick up something nice. Otherwise we can just play records to each other and get steaming like we always do...

    looking for!! Rare or interesting Disco 45s / Funk 45s

    Trading away(maybe), Lots of good Funk 45s or whatever.


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      Veris and I will be there tomorrow. I will be bringing down faster records this time.

      Ed, can I reserve the audio CDs? Thank you sir.

      Mr Fryer, I will be asking questions about Kathleen Emery.

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        no worries, one set's on one side for you.

        fryer - i'll bring some 45s trades. not much proper rare stuff but maybe something you'll like.
        Chops for show, groove for dough.


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          hey it does not have to be rare dont be silly, it just has to be good, jazzman coming down so you can question him on kathrene emery, Dean Rutland says he may come down to soo it could be quite a party


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            Can someone bring some headphones? I'm down to my last one, literally my last right earpiece bit... I'm sooo skint right now! And I've gone through two pairs since 04 started.

            Did someone leave their middles last time? I forgot to ask Chris, but if they're big and solid (shut it, Ed) then I'd expect they were put somewhere safe... Of course if no one last any last time, then I'm spouting complete bollocks. Nothing new there then.

            I can't believe my Serge 45 hasn't arrived in time for Feb Brillo...


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              Hi All,

              Was @ the Tate Modern today to see the Donald Judd exhibition
              it was awesome, anyway in the shop I came across this little number & thought of you guys...


              Go on wit'cha bad elf


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                Eddy baby. Do you also have copies of the one with you, jonny and fred - and the one with you and jonny where you played night with norris 45.
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                  Ed - I&#39;ll bring your LP down.

                  Nick/Sermad - I&#39;ll bring that LP for Blacklondonwhateverit&#39;scallednow
                  He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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                    Ed, I&#39;d love copies of your shows if you still have some


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                      I&#39;d love any available mixes. I can drop you a copy of my last two mixes which were done for the secret santa if you like?

                      Sermad, can you remember to bring down those 45&#39;s mate? I&#39;ve got those euro bits for you to listen to.

                      Belson, if you&#39;re reading this, will you bring down that stuff on the electro twisted tip you mentioned to me last week, Cosmic Furnace, etc...?
                      i&#39;m defo gonna get there early this week so as to hear a few early doors sets.

                      Are people meeting for some munch before hand?
                      I was raised by wolves


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                        headphones are in the bag. bought a few 45 trades, including a couple of decent bits. also some CDRs of a few of the better Soul Strut mixes (andy - got the weird one for you)
                        Chops for show, groove for dough.


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                          Originally posted by [b
                          Quote[/b] ]Did someone leave their middles last time? I forgot to ask Chris, but if they&#39;re big and solid (shut it, Ed) then I&#39;d expect they were put somewhere safe...
                          Hello Nick.

                          I left a nice big chunky stainless steel middle last time I played the Brillo. I thought I had lost it forever....
                          records - one a week mixcloud
                          records - one a week soundcloud


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                            Ah, so someone did then... Well you still may have lost it forever... I&#39;ll ask Chris today, hopefully it&#39;ll be behind the bar somewhere.


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                              6pm in Burger King opposite Angel tube as normal if anyone wants pre-brillo grub.

                              look for the scruffy losers with poor social skills. on second thoughts that sums up half the population of islington, so just look for the records...
                              Chops for show, groove for dough.