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Matchmaker, matchmaker...

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  • Matchmaker, matchmaker...

    Okay, at the suggestion of Emperor Tomato Ketchup, we’ve borrowed this idea from Waxidermy. Please use this thread to post up any naked records or empty sleeves you have that need a match to make them whole again. Cheers.
    You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.

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    new SPOKE release: >>> SEE HERE <<< RKM LIBRARY BEATS


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      could use a cover for Scott 3 if anyone has one. I found a shop that was flogging one (hallelujah!) but they wanted as much for it as a cheapskate like me would be prepared to pay for the whole thing! (£15)
      "Not only that but the WHOLE COVER is UNCREASED with only 2 or 3 TINY creaselines near the opening edge about half way down!!!! In the same place (about half way down the opening edge), there is an absolutely TINY and PERFECTLY repaired split" (xxxrecords)


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        oooh, nice idea.
        I'd like sleeves for:

        NSU (Stable)
        Fifty Foot Hose - Cauldron (Mercury)
        Human Beast (Decca)
        Deep Purple - Shades Of (Parlophone)
        Pink Floyd - Ummagumma (Harvest)
        Pink Floyd - Saucerful (stereo)
        Hawkwind - Masters Of The Universe (UA)
        Hawkwind - Space Ritual (UA)
        Hawkwind - In Search Of Space (UA)
        T.Rex - T.Rex (Fly)
        Trapeze - Hot Wire (Warners)
        Billy Cox's Nitro-Function (Pye)
        23 Skidoo - Seven Songs (Fetish)
        Amen Corner (Deram)
        Continuum - Continuum (RCA)
        Sonny Worthing - Teenage Dream (Transatlantic)
        Hunt and Turner - Magic Landscape (Village Thing)
        Eela Craig - One Nighter (Vertigo)
        Crazy Horse - Loose (Reprise)
        Juicy Lucy - Lie Back and Enjoy It (Vertigo swirl)
        Ronnie Hawkins - Ronnie Hawkins (Atlantic)
        Little Richard and Jimi Hendrix - Friends from the Beginning (ALA U.S.)
        Audience - Lunch (Charisma)

        We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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          If for some bizarre reason anyone has a spare, don't mind it being pretty trashed.
          Mixes, compilations and the like


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            I could use a clean ESG s/t on 99...
            I've got a spare Rolling Stones "Big Hits" with the booklet/photo's if it's any use to anyone?



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              And I have an empty sleeve for a 'Bubble Gum Machine' on Senate if anyone can use it.

              I could use a sleeve for a Ramases 'Space Hymns' on Vertigo.
              You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                I have a Donovan - Universal Soldier (Marble Arch) sleeve if anyone wants it.
                ...Dreamtime coming


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                  I have the sleeve Aphrodites Child – It’s Five O’clock/Funky Mary (Mercury France).

                  I wonder how long before we have any matches - and if they'll be verifiably the seperated combo?
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                    Vic Lewis - Boy In The Saffron Robe

                    Last year I left the empty LP cover of:

                    Vic Lewis - The Boy In The Saffon Robe behind at a boot, annoyed it was empty. It's a sweet orchestral LP I love; arranged by John Cameron with a host of great sessioners on it including the likes of Harold McNair.

                    This year I found a minty copy of the LP....

                    ...minus the sleeve.

                    F'idiot, f'idiot, f'idiot.

                    So if anyone has one? ....I know Space Debris will eventually appreciate it.
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                      Sleeve needed for ISB - The 5,000 Spirits (...Onion)

                      Sleeve needed for Zee - Identity (or you can have the record with inner sleeve)

                      I have World of Lulu Vol2. vinyl in World Of Lulu Sleeve.

                      Good luck to everyone, it'll happen one day.
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                        have a spare hendrix are you experienced on track cover, but not in the best shape.
                        and i need a record for the hangmans beautifull daughter, after mine was folded in half in the post


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                          Think I got this right, got a cover for Release Music Orchestra's Get the Ball but need a cover for their Garuda joint, make sense?
                          it's time for some heartbeats


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                            I have an empty box of Zingy Orange 151g and am looking for the chocolates to go with it.

                            This is the Matchmakers thread isn't it?

                            I'm here all week ladies and gents
                            He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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                              I've got half a Tay Zonday download...if anyones got the other half...
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