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  • Look mum no sleeves...Hans Dulfer edition

    One day I was pursuing a daily dig, upon the premises of Cult Vinyl in Liverpool I found a magical record that contained music of no relation to the cover, to my astoundment (word invention of the day?), the record you ask? It was Hans Dulfer & Ritmo Naturel - The Morning After The Third and the sleeve it was sitting in...? Magical Connection - Gabor Szabo. Lon story short the people who run Cult Vinyl in Liverpool have no fucking clue what they are selling unless its Otis Redding, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin or The Beatles (true story as I have knocked them down on plenty of records which they were selling for 20-25 quid to acquire many items of half the price).

    Anyway, tonight I was flicking through the box which I have labelled (mentally) as the shit box, full of buggered records and split covers and shit that I just toss in there, I was looking for a record to put back in its sleeve (as sometimes I am lazy and I abuse some of my records) and I pulled the Hans Dulfer record out, it was sitting in a paper inner sleeve so I showed this one a little love. I thought to myself, hmm...I forgot a out this one, and I decided to play it, I dont remember it being as good as this when I first bought it, so I thought to myself "this one deserves a sleeve" but alas everyone who lists this record for sale has lost their marbles and are over pricing it, I thought maybe I could find a copy in shitty condition but with the cover still intact, 28 quid for a VG copy on discogs?!

    So, I was wondering if anybody had a copy and might be able to scan the cover for me? then I could print it off on a nice bit of card and make my own cover





      some times play g+ with back noise,some times vg , super psyché juju lpfront sleeve is very nice vg back vg , but the top corne left is eating buy rats, ask for picture


      • Thanks but those scans are only 600 pixels my silly old chum I would like a nice big scan of at least 5 MP, hence me asking here, I already done seen those ones over on discogs hehehe.


        • Just got a UK copy of Bossa Rio on A&M Uk rpess, no sleeve. Quite keen on one.
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          • Doors LA Woman - need an Elektra 1st UK press, got the fancy sleeve
            Nazareth - need the UK Pegasus vinyl (got the textured sleeve)
            Elvis - 2nd LP sleeve got the HMV vinyl
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            • I have an empty SAHB Live sleeve if anyone happens to want it. Think it's in decent nick but I'd have to check... actually I'd have to find it first an' all. PM me if anyone wants it.

              I also did have an empty Full House (Fairport) but that's just ended up in a frame on the wall.

              I had a couple of other spare sleeves when I moved house a year ago but in a fit of house move stress I binned them. Nothing rare though to be fair.
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              • Originally posted by modernism View Post
                An original UK mono (SX 6306) S.F Sorrow gatefold sleeve to accompany a recently acquired mono copy of The Pretty Things masterpiece would be superb - however, if anyone has a Stereo copy that would be better than the die-cut card sleeve the record is currently residing in.

                Are you still after this?

                I found one over the weekend. Mono copy sleeve, good nick. PM me.
                Also found a complete minty copy of Deena Websters 'Tuesdays Child' for a quid.
                That's my karma lucked out now for the year.
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                • Found a copy of The Aggrovators - Rasta Dub '76 today but sadly missing its sleeve. It's the UK press on Grounation, but I'd be happy with the sleeve from any version.





                  • Picked up a nice clean copy of The Upsetter a while ago, the mono '69 version, but no sleeve. Anybody?

                    Got a Leon Ware st sleeve if anyone needs. Not sure why I have it. But I do.


                    • Originally posted by Mondays Child View Post
                      Are you still after this?

                      I found one over the weekend. Mono copy sleeve, good nick. PM me.
                      Also found a complete minty copy of Deena Websters 'Tuesdays Child' for a quid.
                      That's my karma lucked out now for the year.
                      On the contrary! You,ve just increased it by helping out a fellow plusser
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                      • Massive longshot but I'm looking for a cover of Atlas - S/T from 1977. I have the record but no sleeve.


                        • Probably doing the proverbial into the wind but I'm looking for a cover for 'Joe Harriott - Indo Jazz Fusions' and 'Mitchell Ayres and his Orchestra - The Hollywood Palace'

                          To find Indo Jazz Fusions which was already one of my favourite pieces of British Jazz without a cover was so cruel.
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                          • Ok, got a decent sized list of sleeves looking for their other half so to speak (missing the vinyl). This is part one (in no particular order):

                            Rolling Stones-Exile on Main St.
                            Velvet Underground & Nico. S/t 1st album (with peeled off banana missing)
                            The Troggs. Best of the Troggs Vol.2.
                            Pink Floyd. Obscured By Clouds.
                            Isaac Hayes. Black Moses.
                            Herbie Hancock. Thrust.
                            Talking Heads. Fear of Music.
                            Temptations. Live.
                            Marvin Gaye. Let's Get it On.
                            Anthony Johnson. Reggae Feelings.
                            Burning Spear. Man in the Hills.
                            Richie Havens. Stonehenge.
                            Stevie Wonder. Fulfillingness'...
                            Janis Joplin. Farewell Song.
                            Lulu. Something to Shout About.
                            Hawkwind. Doremi...
                            Bob Dylan. Blood on the Tracks.
                            Mongo Santamaria. Soul Bag.
                            Roy Orbison. The Orbison Way.
                            Rolling Stones. Aftermath.
                            Prince Allah. Jah Children...
                            John Holt. One Thousands Volts of...
                            Getz/Gilberto. S/t.
                            The Zodiac. Cosmic Sounds.
                            Fleetwood Mac. Peter Green's F/Mac.
                            Barbara Lewis. It's Magic.
                            Frank Zappa. Chunga's Revenge.
                            Burning Spear. Rocking Time.
                            The Kinks. Something Else...
                            Prince Buster. She was...
                            Genesis. Trespass.
                            P.J. Proby. S/t.
                            Beach Boys. Holland.
                            Linn County. Soothseer.
                            P.I.L. Metal Box.
                            Small Faces.Ogden's Nut Gone Flake.

                            All of the above are in pretty good shape ranging from Very Good to N/M. I have loads more....just need to get them out of storage and then I'll list them and
                            then do the vinyl looking for sleeves as the last post. I have some 12"single and 7"sleeves as well come to think of it and special inserts/posters etc which
                            could go in another post.


                            • Ok, some more sleeves that are looking for their respective vinyl:
                              Nancy Sinatra. How Does That Grab You?
                              Nancy Sinatra. G.Hits.
                              Specials. More Specials.
                              Incredible String Band. Liquid Acrobat.
                              Smiths. Meat is Murder.
                              Lou Reed. Rock n Roll Animal.
                              Stevie Wonder. Uptight.
                              U2. Boy.
                              Lulu. Love Loves to Love.
                              Generation X. S/t.
                              Royksopp. Melody A.M
                              Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Uplift Mofo.
                              Mollie Thompson. From Worlds Afar.
                              the Dynamites. Fire Corner.
                              U-Roy. Dread in a Babylon.
                              Tribesman. S/t
                              Bob Dylan. John Wesley.
                              Arthur Brown. The Crazy World of...
                              Poltergeist. Orig. Soundtrack.
                              Symarip. Skinhead Moonstomp.
                              V/Artists. Club Reggae vol.5
                              Trinity & The Aggravators. Uptown Girl.
                              Slim Smith. The Time has come.
                              Yes. Time and a Word. (US)
                              Yes. Time and a Word. (UK)
                              V/A. New Orleans Funk Vol.1
                              Black Sabbath. Live at Last.
                              Beatles. Rubber Soul (US)
                              Fela Kuti. Noise For Vendor Mouth.
                              Dusty Sprinfield. Dusty in Memphis.
                              Audience. Friends.
                              Bob Dylan. Street Legal.
                              Bob Dylan. Pat Garrett.

                              Part 3 to come......


                              • Originally posted by eine View Post
                                Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division (Factory)
                                Cross this off the list, thank you very much Fortunate One, a complete record, first press, textured cover, all the rage!!!

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