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  • Brillo feb 2004 playlist

    Brillo Feb 2004 report & playlist

    A very nice turnout last night, as Brillo continues to go from strength to strength. Nice to see Dean Rudland of BGP records there. Also present were some fellas looking to make a movie about digging – though whether they’re genuinely interested in the subject is up for debate. We’ll see if they return or sign up at V.V and get properly involved... Still, Brillo’s the place for their project – glad we could help...

    IÂ’m sure everyone will be pleased to know that the last record for the Brillo comp CD is now in SermadÂ’s hands and weÂ’ll soon be entering the mastering and designing stages. At some point weÂ’ll have to discuss costs and exactly how many copies we should have made. One proposal after the CDs are delivered is to save a certain amount to promote the Best of Brillo nights. Something to think about at least. Anyways, on with the playlist:


    BB King – Chains and Things
    Barbara Mason – You’d Better Stop
    Barbara King – What I Did on the Street
    Road Runners – No Names Will Be Called
    Robert Moore – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
    Janet Lawson – Dindi
    Sweet Norma Jones – Spice
    Wendy Lynn – I Can Remember
    The Bamboos – Tighten Up
    Elaine Hoffman – Great Big Fun
    Ruth Brown – Stone Groovy Thing
    Road Runners – Every Man For Himself
    James Reece & The Progressions – Let’s Go (It’s Summertime)

    Mark Llmod1

    Pete Hilger – The Champ
    Shades of Joy – Desert is a Circle
    Ivan Jullien – Calamity Lul
    Neophonic Orchestra of South Cal – Neophonic Funk
    Ian Langley – Chicago Chaser
    Harlem River Drive – Seeds of Life
    Gustav Brown – Waldmadchen
    France Call – Zoizoi

    Ed ‘the man’

    Earl Foster – Jodine’s Walk
    Gordon Staples – Strung Out
    Carl Douglas – Witchfinder General
    VIP Connection – West Coast Drive
    Sugarbear Johnson – When Your Jones Comedown
    High Voltage – Here Comes The Streaker
    Seawind – We Got A Way
    Jan Hammer – One To One
    JP Rogers – All My Love
    Chemise – She Can’t Love You


    Nancy Wilson – Son of a Preacher Man
    Vivian Reed – Walk On My Side
    The Candymen – See Saw
    Lowell Fulsom – Trouble Everywhere
    Billy Best and the Ditalians – Baby That Takes The Cake
    Electric Funk – The Shovel
    Wayne Cochran – Chopper 70
    Tomorrow’s People – Hurt Perversion
    Walter Hamilton – At Midnight

    Dean Rudland

    Marie Adams – Get On Up And Do It
    Jon Hendricks - I Got Soul Train
    Georgie Fame – Round Two
    Buck – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
    Gloria Black/Taj Mahal – Would You Believe
    Ike & Tina – Crazy About You Baby
    Dion – Drip Drop
    Cliff Jackson – Frank This Is It

    Rich Hero

    Maxwell House – Coffee Beans Melody (Gareth’s fave)
    Celia – Let The Sunshine In
    Japanese Cast - Let The Sunshine In
    Respect – Soul Entertainer
    John Schroeder Orchestra – Money Runner
    Five By Five – Fire
    Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle – Ape Shuffle
    Broadway Matadors – Be In/Where Do I Go
    Broadway Matadors – Good Morning Starshine
    Flirtations – Nothing But A Heartache
    Francis Lai – Theme D'Olivier
    Graham Walker Band – Ain’t Got No


    The Silhouettes - Red Snow
    Psicose - Eklipse Soul
    Gloria Walker & The Chevelles - You Hit The Spot Baby
    Little Buck - Little Boy Blue
    Fab Five Freddy - Une Sale Histoire (Female Version)


    Quartet tres bien - Voo doo man
    Tony Bowens and his Soul choppers - Do you feel it
    Tony Northern - Hand down the law
    Soul Combination - Soul Combination
    Little Ben & the Cheers - Brown eyeÂ’d girl
    Dizzy Jones - Just as sure (as you play,you must pay)


    The Dynatones – The Fife Piper
    Don & Dewy – Soul Motion
    Noble Watts – Jookin’
    John Philips & The Soul Marching Band – That Memphis Thing
    Deacons – Sock It To Me Soul Brother
    James Brown – Shhhhhh! (for a little while)
    Preston Epps – Bongo Bongo Bongo
    Hank Ballard – Do It Zulu Style
    The Chanters – Bongo Bongo


    Asiko – Love and Peace
    Pure Love and Pleasure – Mama Said
    Jimi Hendrix – Fire
    Underpolpelmo – Sorgini
    Hoax – Pan’s Laugh
    Boogaloo Investigators
    Zapatta Schmidt – Someone In The Crowd

    post up spelling mistakes etc and IÂ’ll edit them in
    Brillo Fresh: London's exclusive 'bring'n'spin'n'swap'. 2nd Mon of the month, Salmon & Compass, London N1. All diggers welcome. Look out for the Brillo comp CD giveaway this summer  


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    Wow, my endeavours to write neatly, or at least scrawl legibly, appear to have paid off. But it's the 'Theme D'Olivier' Nick, and not some cheesefest that Jay-Z might sample. And I assume that Bongloia is the off-centre version of Mike's tag?  

    Cheers to Blighty for that Maxwell House flexi - I'm never one to resist a bit of sillininess. We (I) wanted to call one of our tune's 'Gareth Hunt's Wrist Action'. But it's three against one.

    You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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      Sounds a good un, sorry I missed it.

      That Carl Douglas "Witchfinder General" is hilarious. Something about

      "He's always busy burning witches
      Some of them are mighty fine bitches"

      Endless Tripe


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        Nick, mine should read:

        Neophonic Funk

        France Gall - Zoizoi

        (Sermad drop me an email.)


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          Sorry for the late arrival of this play list, really enjoyed the evenings music and everyone's hospitality. Looking forward to the next event !

          Deans selection

          The Silhouettes -"Red Snow"
          Psicose- “Eklipse Soul"
          Gloria Walker & The Chevelles-"You Hit The Spot Baby"-
          Little Buck"-Little Boy Blue"
          Fab Five Freddy-"Une Sale Histoire (Female Version)"

          Veris selection

          Quartet tres bien - Voo doo man
          Tony Bowens and his Soul choppers - Do you feel it
          Tony Northern - Hand down the law
          Soul Combination - Soul Combination
          Little Ben & the Cheers - Brown eyeÂ’d girl
          Dizzy Jones - Just as sure (as you play,you must pay)