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  • Incidentally..

    Not that I'm the kind of nerd who watches history programmes (ahem&#33, but I've caught a few episodes of 'Two Men In A Trench' on BBC4 (Thursday nights at 20.30).

    It may well be a strange clash with Civil War Britain, but whoever's behind the incidental music on that show is a star. On any given week you can hear proper funk classics from Cymande to Eddy Jacobs Exchange to Maceo to Eddie Bo etc etc. OK, these may not be exactly obscure to some of the people on this board, but for good old Auntie and a fairly mainstream show I think that's a hell of an effort.

    Just thought I'd share that observation.

    Now, where did I put my metal detector?!

    Benicio Del NoMates
    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    Also Crafty Tricks of War, which I think has just ended, featured a jovial ex-officer with a mighty tash reconstructing crazy espionage devices from WWII to a tasty mix of funk, library and (predictably)
    the Bond theme although it did vere into new fangled techno stuff occasionally.
    It ain't shakey


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      Well I've got no idea as to whether he's anything to do with programming, but Greg Boraman, keyboards for Soul Destroyers and more recently Rev. Cleatus, works for the Beeb.

      He could be having various words in various shell-likes.


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        I'm not sure if it's the same programme, but Neil Robinson (JTQ / The Apostles) and John Dutton (The Apostles) did the music for 'The Trench'. More details on
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