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    Hey everyone... shit,

    I havent been to a meet or posted ne thing in sometime now, heavy things going on. Im going away this summer to upstate new york for three or four months ish, working on a summer camp looking after rich jewish kids of all things. Gonna try and take plenty of money over and hit up new york state... im gonna be able to travel afterwards also so pretty much the USA north/east coast is my oyster. I got a coach to north carolina last time.

    I just have dreams about hitting up yard sales and hunting down old DJ's. Ne of you ever done this before? Or know ne thing about upstate New york, im gonna be in NYC for sometime too so ne one know ne one or ne where i have to check out?

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    Sounds like a good job. There are others here and on Soulstrut who'll be able to help you far better than I can, but to start... Visit A-1 and Sound Library (if nothing other than to go 'ooh' and 'aah' over the supposed heat they stock). Fat Beats - make sure you don't miss it (it was up a staircase when I was there). Friendly guys and lots of good hip hop. I was hearing 'Off The Books' everywhere but didn't know what it was so, clown that I am, I sang the hook and they found the record!

    Apart from that, take some of the usual suspects to trade. If you have multiples of the good SGA's and MFP's, or James Last breaks or Geoff Love's, take 'em - you'll probably do better with them there than here. And take a wants list of 12"s you may have missed - current hip hop is cheaper there than here (pretty obvious) and the back catalogue stock of many shops is deeper than it is here too.

    Good luck!
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      If you're after records in new york state, don't go to buffalo!


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        you could do worse in NYC than going down Greenwich Village too - some decent vinyl spots, although usually overpriced. Bleecker Bob's etc. there's a good spot in a basement on Times Square too (or was) and also Footlights Records (just off Broadway) has plenty of reasonably-priced heat in terms of funky/breaks soundtracks on vinyl.

        if you're gonna buy vinyl from Sound Library, be very careful about condition. they put out hammered records pretty frequently. also, most of the real goodness is either behind the counter or in the basement. ALWAYS ask them if you're looking for specific stuff, and try not to go at a weekend unless it's when they just open!
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          I lived there during the mid 90s and it's gone right down the pan since then, unfortunately. All the great secret spots have disappeared or got wise to what's going on. Chelsea Book & Records, which never charged more than &#363 for a record, doesn't stock vinyl any more (A1 used its stock as the basis for their collection). You need to go trekking out to Brooklyn or the other boroughs for serious heat now, I've heard, though there's also places like Princeton Record Exchange in N. Jersey (it's about a 40 min. train ride from NYC).

          In Manhattan, there are places, but bargain are hard to come by these days. Try these:
          Academy LPs, 10th st. btw 4th and 3rd ave.
          Finyl Vinyl, 6th st. btw 3rd and 2nd
          Shrine, 9th st. btw 1st and A
          Rocket Scientist in the West Village is good but i can't remember the exact address.
          Also, if you know where Vinyl Mania is, there are a few others in the 'hood, too. VM is on Carmine and (I think) Bleeker. If you're stood outside VM go right (walking up towards 6th Ave) and make a left just as the road opens out into a square. There's a church on the corner (I think!). Turn left and there are a few shops down there (there's one in a basement).

          If I have any more thoughts, I'll post them.


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            I loved nyc but hated the wankers in the shops. A1, TSL, Fat beats all made me feel mighty inferior.

            I should have taken my Drama Suites and waved them in their faces - would have had the f**kers dribbling!!
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              couldn't agree more, especially in TSL. i've been in there a bunch of times and only once been given the time of day (ironically by the English black guy who used to work there)...
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                that's really odd - I've only been twice to TSL but both times the staff were friendly and really helpful - in fact the second time I went there I asked about some 45 and the guy was playing me stuff he thought I'd like and pulling things out of the rack for me. He even gave me numbers of a couple of NY dealers that might have stuff I was after...A-1, though, wankers. Every time.
                We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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                  Me too, nice guys... I met that guy from England a few times, forget his name though... he's from Hackney!


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                    You might care to take a train to DC and stop off at Philly on the way. When you get into Maryland, go visit a place called Joes Vinyl Paradise, it's huge...


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                      Originally posted by [b
                      Quote[/b] ]Quote: from Nick Cope on 2:42 pm on April 24, 2003
                      Me too, nice guys... I met that guy from England a few times, forget his name though... he's from Hackney!
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