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  • Coronation street

    does anyone know of a ska / reggae version of the coronation street theme tune?

    i remember hearing it on radio lancashire (on the wire) some years back, but typically it was never mentioned, either title or artist.

    other people i know are aware of it's existence but not of it's origin.

    answers on a postcard please...or just some helpful hints.

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    Mr Divine mentioned this in another thread recently - wasn't the record something to do with On-Usound and the wire? I think the thread was about Reggae cover versions. Sorry but I'm far too lazy to go and look for it.
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      ...having said that......;st=15
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        hmm, possibly, adrian sherwood / on-u-sound were quite well linked with the on the wire program (tunes from the missing channel was on the wire's theme tune).

        i know the on-u-sound backcatalogue fairly well, tho', and i don't think the coronation st cover was part of it, to my knowledge


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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] ]wasn't the record something to do with On-Usound and the wire?
          I now realise you just said that  

          Perhaps I should get some sleep now  
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            excellent work, that man, sleep well deserved!

            must pay more attention to other peoples threads in future and not looking for records, that way i might even find titles to records i don't know, thereby increasing my search list!


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              Here's all the info I have:

              "Coronation Street" The I-Royals (Media Marvels - MM 7004) from 1983 according to the label. Don't see any evidence of it having an On-U Sounds connection though...

              Right, I'm off to watch it right now!
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