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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is a forum on this very site called trades where you can swop vinyl as much as you like AND not have to pay a tenner a year for the privilege.

    The purpose of Vinyl Vulture is not to make any money either, which is why they don't ask for any.
    He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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      Well said Hadrian.

      We were in two minds about deleting this post but thought everyone would basically see it wasn't worth their while. Teeny bit rude promoting your own site with no intention of bringing anything to the vinyl vulture table. <- Changed URL


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        I&#39;ve seen other members of this list talk about
        selling LP&#39;s that they got on EBAY or anywhere else and resold
        them for a profit. Yes, right here on the NATTER Board
        by &quot;respected members&quot;

        I guess they were &quot;connected&quot; and therefore their post
        was acceptable. Ahhhhhhhhhh, ain&#39;t life grand in the world of politics ? Or is it hypocricy ?

        I&#39;m feeling positive today
        That might be my new signature



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          What on earth are you talking about? The post is still there. People can check out vinylswitch if they want to, I mean it&#39;s pretty shit anyways but there&#39;s nothing wrong in trying to make a buck... Where&#39;s the hypocricy?


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            There is a considerable difference between talking about buying/selling on the &#39;Natter&#39; board (we we all do to a greater or lesser extent) and using the board soley as a way to promote your business.

            This is especially true if you&#39;ve only joined the board to post your sodding url in the first place.

            So kudos to you Jack for missing the point once again. You&#39;re nothing if not consistant
            Matt Hero


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              Nah mean &#33;?


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                Now, now kids&#33; Let&#39;s not have this degenerate into handbags (cheers Big Ron), else we&#39;ll have DJ Sheep talking about people being &quot;dissed in da hood an&#39; shit&quot; an other soulstrutisms.

                I think Jack means well and is speaking from the American standpoint of free trade (which has nattily got them into the position of being nearly two dollars to the quid - woohoo&#33, but let&#39;s not forget that the Americans don&#39;t do irony.   They didn&#39;t get Hicks til he was dead and will also make an absolute bollocks of The Office.

                It is a fucking cheek to register here with the sole intent of coining it in, but we&#39;re all adults and know enough about this field to know shite when we see it and we can simply exercise our freedom of choice. Choose not to waste your money fellas, simple.

                We all use the knowledge that&#39;s here on this board as a resource and of course some of us (I hold my stubby little hands up) have profited from tip offs on here. But it&#39;s then a case of being big enough to contribute something of your own to the others here. Give and take. There are plenty who repeatedly ask for places to look for records in various spots round the globe, tips on what LPs to buy by certain artists, how much certain LPs are worth etc. Fine, if they then turn round and pay it back. But there&#39;s one or two who don&#39;t seem to give much back for what they take (you know who you are&#33 and that admittedly gets on my tits big time.

                But the majority on here make it worthwhile and fucking funny too. So, let&#39;s not change too much or become Stalinist in our approach to posts. Maybe we can humiliate people into doing things the right way or just fucking off? &#39;Outing&#39; the profiteers? They&#39;re probably not even local.

                And don&#39;t get me started on Mojo cunningly helping to further shunt up the price of UK jazz-prog&#33; Jesus H&#33; Still, Mars Volta are in this month&#39;s, so I&#39;m the happiest of bunnies.

                Sorry lads, rant over.


                (Not had sex for a while&#33; It&#39;s lambing season you see.)
                Jet Boy stole my baby.


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                  Fuck I forgot that avatar was still there&#33;
         <- Changed URL


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                    Yeah, I thought it was hypocricy


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                      Right, let&#39;s call a halt on this particular thread before I get any more emails calling me a c*nt.

                      Oh, and Jack I think 2 emails on that subject is enough. I got the message first time &#39;round. Very brave of you by the way.....
                      Matt Hero


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                        Transatlantic cunt calls?

                        It&#39;s war I say&#33;

                        One of the great words in the English language though&#33;

                        I don&#39;t think what you said was at all cuntish (probably not the correct application of the noun), it&#39;s only opinions anyway for fuck&#39;s sake&#33;

                        And could the guest please pull out a fucking dictionary and spell &#39;hypocrisy&#39;. Also try spelling &#39;anonymity&#39; and &#39;cowardice&#39;.

                        God I love controversy. And yes I do mean both a verbal joust or two AND the Prince LP.


                        Back and to the left.
                        Jet Boy stole my baby.


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                          To be honest, if I got upset everytime someone called me a cunt, I&#39;d never be able to drive my car anywhere. Or go to St Mary&#39;s. Or go to the supermarket.

                          My girlfriend was furious. She says that calling me a cunt is her privilege alone.
                          Matt Hero


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