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  • Library cds at bargain price

    Just in case anyone wants to commit the sacrilegious act of buying little silver discs, Fopp have got all three of the Strut library comps (KPM, Bosworth & Chappell) for £3.00 each.

    Cheap and cheerful with some nice grooves. I'd be tempted myself if I wasn't so busy buying Black Sabbath CDs.....oh alright then, Kate Bush.


    PS Fopp are also knocking out the new Bill Hicks book 'Love All The People' for £7.00, which is a good £5 off the RRP. Fucking essential reading. The man was a God. 10th anniversary of his passing next week. Now who feels old?!!
    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    I bought one the other day for £3.00, now if I had just waited, I could have got one of eBay for £42.00
    why is that cd black?


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      I've been a Bill Hicks fan since '91. He seems to be more popular now than ever. His time has come. This Summer is the 20th anniversary of my discovery of something called 'hip hop'. That would make me feel old if I wasn't aware that there's no such thing as death, life is only a dream and I'm the imagination of myself.