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  • Kirchen or kirchin

    I've been checking out a KPM called 'Its about time' (KPM 1025) all the tracks are composed by some one called Kirchen and have a orchestral jazzy theme. It kind of reminds me of aspects of the 'Thomas crown affair' OST.

    I know Basil Kirchin composed a De Wolfe, can't quite remember what its called but its got a cool title about the Industrial North. Does any one know what it sounds like and is it just pure coincidence that the names are similar?

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    It's not a common surname is it so it seems likely it's him even if mispelt. I have a 1970 Standard Music Library LP 'Activity/Travel' which includes a track called 'Broad Highway', credited to 'B. Kirchin, J. Nathan', so it would appear he didn't only do stuff through De Wolfe.


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      That's be Basil Kirchin and bandleader Jack Nathan.

      There are a couple of Kirchins, I think - Ivor and Basil, who were brothers. I think their dad was a musician as well.

      Basil co-wrote (and was one of the drummers on) 'Johnny Keating and 27 Men' on Decca Phase 4 - he's the drummer you can see on the back cover, with Barry Morgan on the front.


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        Basil Kirchin has been subject of a Jonny Trunk re-release programme-see Industrial North one is due soon


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          Is that the dewolfe 10" with the pink cover with black stripes?