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  • Nme awards last night

    So what's up with 'indie' music these days? Saw some of the NME awards last night, in an effort to see who's shaking it in the indie rock or whatever you call it world. Tried to keep an open mind, but it was hard when every single band were so up their own arses, acting like they were the most original inventions ever and not one of them could play for shit...

    Ozzy accepted his award in a truly humble and thankful way, the rest acted like twats. The dude from Queens of the Stone Age performed a terrible acoustic version of one of their songs, forget the name, but it stank to high heaven - a really bad idea. Then the same guy guested with another band, playing the worst drums l think I've ever heard live on TV, with a band so incredibly pretentious it was just unbelievable...

    Punky rock is real hip in the indy world right now, I get that. But these guys were the pits and going punk isn't always an excuse to play like you've been sniffing glue the past three days. Seems to me that you get a handful of genuinely good bands - the white stripes sound good, though I haven't given their stuff 'proper' listens - and then a whole bunch of total wankers and it was them who played at the awards on TV. Don't think I saw a single woman perform either, dunno what that means...

    Sorry about the rant, but indie stuff always gets on my tits - the way they're so convinced they're the shit...

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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (Nick Cope @ Feb. 19 2004,13:44)]Don't think I saw a single woman perform either, dunno what that means...
    Well considering NME are currently tipping Brody Dalle and The Distillers as this years next big thing, then I think that's a touch stinky.

    What you had there was a typical piece of watered down NME anti-conformatism. Trying so desperately to be hip......but not.


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      Can I just point out - apropros of nothing in particulart - that the editor of the NME was, until recently, the news editor at Mixmag? I've forgotten more about indie than he. And I wish I could forget some more.