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Orchestral party act 1

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  • Viva Chiba

    Surely the stuff on these comps can't be all that rare. .. I actually have 3 of these tunes in their original vinyl incarnation (when people usually drop tracklistings for comps, I have approximately zero, on average!).

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  • Guymauve
    Reviving this thread

    Just doing a search and I came across this reference to Orchestral Party Vol. 1. I actually won this in an eBay auction, the first one in which I have not actually received the item (after a good decade or so of buying on-line). Shame, as it looks pretty good.

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  • vibra
    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (Lord Thames @ Feb. 21 2004,14:55)]I found the CD second hand about a year ago for five quid - is it a rare one, then? And was there ever an act 2?
    Yup, I've got Act 2. It's all French easy, psyche and jerk stuff.. and jolly good too.


    Rythmofeeling - Jack Hendrix
    Et Pourquoi Pas? - Phillipe Bruna
    Kriminal Theme - Maledictus Sound
    Melodie En Sous-Sol - Michel Magne
    Nues Dans L'eau - Georges Garvarentz
    Fever 30 Degrees De Fievre - Caterina Valente
    Le Gendarme Pop - Raymond Lefevre
    Hold Up A Monte-Carlo - Le Gaucher
    Poursuite - Vladimir Cosma
    Une Autre Fille - Oliver Despax
    Jerk Poker - Romuald
    Hoodlum's Parade - Danny Maurice Et Son Orchestre
    Bali Girl - Nino Nardini
    Elephant Track - Gerard Levecque Et Claude Romat

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  • Lord Thames
    I found the CD second hand about a year ago for five quid - is it a rare one, then? And was there ever an act 2?

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  • spiralbeat.
    I've tried tracking it down but to no avail either. See it on CD but not on wax. Here is the tracklisting if you're interested David!

    Cecil Wary Orchestra - Fugue To Cuba

    Janko Nilovic - Funky Village

    Super Erotica - Super Erotica

    Ronnie Hazlehurst - Flip Flop

    Vincent Geminiani - Ophis Le Serpentaire

    Pop Concerto - Ainsi Parla Zarathoustra

    Ceceil Wary Orchestra - Europeans Conforntation

    Roland Vincent - LSD Partie

    Phillippe Sarde - Jukes Boxes Chez Saidani

    De Giafferi - Sado Maso

    Paul Mille & Son Orchestra - Organoboe

    Janko Nilovic - Pop Avenue

    The Lions - Gorgeous Linda

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  • soundsville
    started a topic Orchestral party act 1

    Orchestral party act 1

    Hi everyone,

    did anybody manage to get a copy of this when it came out?
    I personally have never seen it nor have I met anyone who has it. Was it released as a very small run??