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  • Weekend digs

    So I'll kick it off shall I? Spent saturday at the record fair in Dublin and came away with the following:
    Zero Zero Seven Band: James Bond Thrillers (Marble Arch)
    Flora Purim: (can't remember the title but the cover is an airy fantasy pic of a garden with a swing) (Milestones)
    Nicra [Nick Evans/Radu Malfatti]: Listen/Hear (Ogun) Lp
    Alan Stivell: Live A L'olympia (70's breton harpist, interesting folky stuff)
    Alan Stivell: French Comp
    Freak Scene: Psychedelic Soul (Columbia)
    John Mayall: World Of John Mayall (Decca)
    V/A: Wordld Of Progressive (Decca)
    Paul Weller: Button Downs
    Laibach: Sympathy For The Devil 12"
    Chameleons: Early Recordings
    Rose Of Avalanche: Velveteen Mini Lp

    The last 2 were make weights to go with the previous 4 which were part of a 3 for 5 box.
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    Hit Discoteque -with "Machine Gun", "The Bump" JVC Japan

    Sergio Mendes and Brasil 77' - Love music

    Marvin Gaye -Let's get it on  

    Come Back Charleston Blue OST

    Harry Roche Constellation -Spindrift

    Magnum Force -Lalo Schifrin


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      is the Zero Zero Seven Band good? i regret passing it up years ago...

      anyway (record fair, so not really 'proper' digs):

      The Latinaires '73
      - on Soufriere, can't find anything about this. not bad version of 2001
      O Lucky Man OST
      Mikey Dread - World War 3
      Shalimar OST [reissue]
      John Schroeder - Working in a Soul Mine [reissue]
      Steve Hillage - Rainbow Dome Musick (on clear vinyl)
      Henry Wolff and Nancy Jennings - Tibetan Bells
      - last two are some more nice ambient hippy stuff, a big to Rich!

      and a load of soul 45s...

      also anyone know The Jetliners - at the Taj Mahal, Bombay?


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        BIt of a lean one this weekend but I found a copy of Sergio Mendes and Brasil 77' - Love music too!


        Tom Jones - Detriot City 45
        Lulu - The Boat that I Row 45
        Atlanta Rhythm Section - Spooky 45
        CCS - Tap Turns the Water 45
        Cook & Denton - 45 can't remember the name of but the b-side is called the Spangler and is very dissapointing!
        Blackfoot Sue - Standing in the ROad 45 (Break)

        War - Youngblood OST
        Pet Clarke - the LP with "Rain" on it
        George Benson - White Rabbit
        Barry White - White Gold
        The Equals - Unequalled....
        MFP Reggae Dance party thing with some nice tunage
        Redbone - Best of...
        Bimbo - S/T (strange Spanish thing with covers of Oh Calcutta and Emanuelle)

        Lulu's had the most spins so far!
        "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] (LDJB @ Feb. 23 2004,14:51)]BIt of a lean one this weekend but I found a copy of Sergio Mendes and Brasil 77' - Love music too!
          I really like their version of "love music"


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            I went back to Brighton and hit some proper ghetto places. Went to two new warehouse places along with all my usual spots. Thankfully it was 5 for a quid - Sadly only pulled out one record (gave them a quid too&#33.

            Jazz Sebastien Bach - Les Swingle Sisters (Phillips).

            Lots of vocal scat goings on - over jazz versions of Bach. Surprisingly nice. (If you dig lots of badda-badda).
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              Originally posted by [b
              Quote[/b] (sermad @ Feb. 23 2004,14:29)]Lots of vocal scat goings on - over jazz versions of Bach. Surprisingly nice. (If you dig lots of badda-badda).
              Very nice - I&#39;ve got a few of theirs&#33; Illscatrare&#33;

              I&#39;m the one who went round wondering who Les Swingle was, until I realised they were French.


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                Not much to be found round these parts this weekend either:

                Tears for Fears - Shout 12&quot; (great tune)
                Telex - Moskow Diskow 12&quot; (after mentioning them the other day)
                Eric B &amp; Rakim - Paid In Full 12&quot;
                A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray 12&quot; (on Rham)

                John McLaughlin - Inner Worlds LP
                Release Music Orchestra - Get The Ball LP
                Bones Galore - Work Song LP
                Paul Mauriat - Stereo Worlds... LP
                The Disciples - JCS LP
                John Gregory - The Detectives LP
                Bandit S/T - LP
                Readers Digest TV Themes - Boxed Set
                Button Down Brass - Themes from the Exorcist - LP

                Not bad, but not great. Passed up the entire Mandingo back catalogue and also Rumplestiltskin LP as they were all top whack. £32 for Rumplestiltskin? I think not sir&#33;

                Jet Boy stole my baby.


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                  Any relation to the Swingle Singers?  
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                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] (Rich Hero @ Feb. 23 2004,14:38)]Any relation to the Swingle Singers?  
                    Yes they are the same. They&#39;ve just been on tour in the uk&#33;

                    Sunday 1st February at 7.30pm
                    Tickets £15 Advance
                    The SWINGLE SINGERS

                    THE SWINGLE SINGERS, the legendary classical and jazz acapella group, return to Ronnie Scott&#39;s following their &quot;40th Anniversary Tour&quot; that kicked off at Ronnie Scott&#39;s a year ago and took them to major cities around the globe and finished in Tokyo in December.

                    The Swingle Singers return to Ronnie Scott&#39;s having just completed their &quot;40th Anniversary Show&quot; tour that started at Ronnie Scott&#39;s a year ago and took them to major cities around the globe and finished in Tokyo in December. They have just released a live album from the tour.

                    The Swingle Singers were founded in the early sixties by Ward Swingle who now lives in semi-retirement near Paris, France. When he was a youngster in Alabama his father insisted that he learn all kinds of music, play all kinds of instruments and develop perfect pitch. It turned out to be the ideal background, many years later, when he founded the Swingle Singers in Paris. It began as an exercise by eight free-lance singers. One day he got out Bach&#39;s &quot;Well Tempered Clavichord&quot; and they tried them out, to find that singing them came naturally. In 1963 they released their first recording on Phillips. After climbing the charts it hit the top ten and stayed in the top 100 for more than a year and a half&#33; That one and their following two albums won Grammies for Best Performance By A Chorus, and Bach&#39;s Greatest Hits also won a Grammy for Best New Artist.

                    Moving from the recording studio to live performance wasn&#39;t that great a stretch as the group didn&#39;t overdub. Ward, who did the arrangements, stayed close to Bach&#39;s written score, just adding drums and bass to accentuate the rhythm. Thus he developed a style which used the voice as an instrument in a fusion of jazz and classical styles. Much of the next ten years was spent touring with Les Swingles as they had created an international audience in no small part because scat turned out to be and international language. As their music became internationally acclaimed composers began to invite the Swingle Singers to perform their works which specially fit the group.

                    The French group disbanded in 1973 and Ward went to England where he formed Swingles II with an expanded repertoire which would be more adequately supported by the large choral traditions of English music. He continued actively with the group until 1985 when he returned to the United States and spent ten years lecturing and guest conducting. The Swingle Singers have continued, with Ward as musical advisor, to this day and have expanded their repertoire unceasingly.

                    The current Swingle Singers are:- Joanna Forbes &amp; Meinir Thomas - Sopranos ; Johanna Marshall &amp; Wendy Nieper - Altos; Tom Bullard &amp; Richard Eteson - Tenors; Tobias Hug &amp; Jeremy Sadler - Basses.
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                      I didn&#39;t get anything this weekend although i did enquire in my local cancer research why they wanted £15 for a copy of dire straits &quot;making movies&quot;.

                      i was told that it was that price because it was &quot; a very rare album&quot;.
                      Endless Tripe


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                        I actually prefer Swingle II, for the music (just a pity that they don&#39;t shut their traps for one bleeding moment   ). And I think Guy Pedersen&#39;s on bass on some of the original line-ups stuff (still trying to find which track Main Source sampled for &#39;Fakin&#39; The Funk&#39...
                        You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                          Main Source sample Main Ingredient&#39;s &#39;Magic Shoes&#39;. Although it does sound like Swingle or something.

                          Jet Boy stole my baby.


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                            A slim weekend for me too but a couple of nice bits:

                            Elvin Jones &#39;The Main Force&#39; LP
                            Billy Cobham &#39;Spectrum&#39; LP
                            Mike Mandel &#39;Peg&#39; 12&quot;
                            Two Sisters S/T LP
                            Ramsey Lewis &#39;Spring High/The Messenger&#39; 7&quot;
                            Sammy Davis Jr. &#39;Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow (Baretta&#39;s Theme)&#39; 7&quot;

                            Out of all of them, it&#39;s the Ramsey Lewis &#39;The Messenger&#39; that I&#39;ve been playing most - really mellow late 70&#39;s fusion jawn. Noice&#33;
                            Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...


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                              Yes - Guy Pederson was the Swingles&#39; regular bassist for a time, he appears on &#39;Anyone For Mozart&#39;, and probably a few others as well. Pierre Michelot (of Jacques Loussier Trio and the &#39;Mood Embassy&#39; fag adverts EP fame) did the bass on &#39;Jazz Sebastian Bach&#39;.

                              My dad had a few Swingles LPs which he got first hand - I discovered them when I was ten and played them to death for a good few years before I started buying my own records. I&#39;ve still got them - they were a major infulence on my subsequent musical tastes......

                              Naff all on the vinyl front this weekend - too busy working.