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  • Hanged Man LP

    I got my copy of "Hanged Man" 5 years ago and until very recently it has played perfectly. However, in the last month or so, the 2nd track on side 1 has started to skip - and this aint down to a scratch or anything like that... (The same spot on Side 2 is also affected).

    What's causing it is a strange little dent in the vinyl that has always been there, but oddly has only recently started to affect play. I've noticed these strange little 'dents' in other Contour releases and I'm pretty sure it's down to the dodgy vinyl a budget label like this were using.

    What I'd like to know is has anyone else experienced this with Contour vinyl, or indeed with vinyl used by any other record label?

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    i've got a walker brothers contour vinyl with a similar phenomenon...denting and some bubbling...surely it must've been down to the low quality vinyl...


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      I doubt it. I am old enough to remember when records like this were on general release. They were sold thru supermarkets at a fraction of the price of a "proper" album. My guess is that most of them were bought on impulse and not exactly treasured after an initial play, which might explain the incidence of abused copies....?
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        yeah, its a familiar problem,all down record companies at the time buying and recycling low grade/quality vinyl to keep costs down,step forward Enterprise records,Embassy,Contour,Golden Hour,Marble Arch and others too numerous to mention.Although i aint had any go dodgy over time, usually i aquire em and they're in that state already.I know this might be a bit obvious but keep all vinyl well away from any heat sources and/or sunlight, temperature change and moisture.
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          Could also be the effect of some frequencies aliasing and cancelling each other out. In extreme cases, this will create pot holes in the laquer when cutting the record. As for your problem, mc, have you been using the same stylus, or adjusted your tone arm settings?


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            Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. I count myself very lucky in that I have the Themes 'Drama Suite' LPs, so at least I have versions of the tunes that play fine. I think I'll have to start looking for another 'Hanged Man'.