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    not a bad haul really...

    Werner Muller 'The Strip Goes On' (Decca)

    'Spy Who Loved Me' soundtrack

    John Brown Junior's Go-Go Music 'The Happening' (Marble Arch)
    not seen this before - a couple of nice tracks on here.

    Pace 'The Trial' (Grapevine)
    Christian rock fluff with a slightly funky feel

    2nd Chapter of Acts 'With Footnotes' (Myrrh)
    shocking album with a semi-decent drum break

    'Up the Down Staircase' soundtrack (UA)
    fuzz! bongos! fuzz AND bongos!

    'Discotheque Volume 2' (Boulevard)
    Four of the tracks (the best ones) are from the Underground Set LP on Pantonic, but where are the rest from?

    'Come Aboard! QE2' (Sceptre)
    ah ha - at last.

    and two crap Chris Hinze albums - I must stop buying these, but I'll find another good one (one day?)...
    We know when a mate buys it for you too.

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    On Discotheque Vol.2 the other nice spacey instrumental called, err, "Space" is by The Blackbirds (German psych band, off their album "No Destination&quot. Not sure about the rest though.

    I have a copy of this comp. up for trade if anyone is interested....
    There MUST be a Hymns-A-Swingin' in this box...


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      Finally got back out there. Found a few Vultures classics and a pile of super rare rock and psych.

      Spin A Magic Tune - My 10th copy, somebody help me please!
      The Magic Roundabout - Dougal and the Blue Cat
      Happy Monsters - JB cover amongst mad noises.
      Rupert and the Firebird - one funky folky track.
      Alan Haven - Organ Magic - Accompanied by the Keith Mansfield Orch. Loads of great tracks.
      The Atlantics - Soul Power - Typical UK covers of soul classics.
      Jack Hawkins - Favourite TV Themes - Shaft, Kung Fu
      Carpenters - Ticket to Ride - One great funky scat track, honestly!
      Burt Bacharach - Portait in Music - Another funky scat track, South American Getaway.
      Sergio Mendes - Love Music - Title trackis great.

      Bunny Wailer - Protest
      Byron Lee - Jump Up
      Renaissance - Ashes are Burning - test press
      The Fresh Sounds from Liverpool vol 2 - Jap press red vinyl
      The Sandpebbles of Barbados
      Flash - Out of our Hands - test press
      Byron Lee - Going Places
      Diana Ross + Supremes - Farewell
      Jackson 5 - ABC
      Merrilee Rush - Angel of the Morning
      Fives Company - Fred the Pixie
      Various - No ones Gonna Change our World
      Mary Hopkin - Postcard
      Boris Gardner - Reggae Happening
      Deep Purple - Book of Taliesyn
      Diana Ross - TCB
      Elvis - Blue Hawaii
      Lulu's Album
      Fusion Orch - Skeleton - test press
      The Kingstonians - Sufferer
      Small Faces - The Autumn Stone
      The Gods - Genesis - This is the 2nd copy of tis £140 LP that I've found within a year.
      Small Faces - S/T - The rarer mono immediate issue.
      Move - S/T
      Kiki Dee - Great Expectations - Rare uK Motown issue.
      Deep Purple - Hush 7" - UK promo picture sleeve £250!!

      Also found around another 50 singles, Beatles, Elvis, etc.


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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] (llmod1 @ Feb. 29 2004,10:23)]Finally got back out there. Found a few Vultures classics and a pile of super rare rock and psych.
        Right, that's it, I refuse to read anymore of your posts

        A quiet week for me, most came through the postbox rather than out on the streets (coz it's cold & I'm lazy)

        Mickey Baker's Soul Sound French EP with 2 cracking instros
        Kain 'Ain't It Fine/Nubian II' - hahaha this has got to have been sampled right?  
        Hamburg Anniversary Promo 3 killer Northern tracks inc. 'I Travelled The Road'
        Louis Curry 'I'll Try Again Tomorrow' great Northern groove with tasty percussion - recommended
        Peepshow 'Gimme Some Lovin' nice funky US version with wahwah & big drums
        Pappys Haunted House 'Dude' fast & heavy organfuzzwahmodrocker
        Ultrafunk 'Kung Fu Man' with the 6.25 instro flip (spare copy)
        Daniel Beretta 'Que Faites-Vous' not his best - nice intro & end mind...
        Puch & LSB 'Freddie's Dead' classic
        Climax 'You,I' another monster heavy euro modrocker - pisses on the Rugbys' original
        Rocky Underground 'Groovy' OK in places but on the whole: poo

        PPO 'TakinOff/Seven3Seven' 100mph acidjazzer
        Sugarpushers 'Thoughtsauce' eventually found a 2nd copy to replace the one my girlfriend leant on a radiator.
        Spirit Of Vampyros Lesbos remixed versions
        Le Hammond Inferno 'Move Your MP3'
        Kulturni Program '15 Plastic Donuts'
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          Hit the boots for the first time this year, and while I didn&#39;t get the usual bag full, got a couple of nice bits :

          Ray Davies Orchestra - Benny &amp; The Duke (Pye 4D)
          Roland Shaw &amp; His Orchestra - The World of James Bond Adventure (Decca)
          Jimi Hendrix with Curtis Knight - The Wild One... (Hallmark)

          All in stone cold mint too, which was a bonus. The bad news was that they were £3 each, from the only bloke at the boot that I&#39;d pay that much for gear from, because the condition is always so good (you know who I mean Rich &#33; ).

          Found a French book on Le Corbousier (including schematics on some of his early designs), which I was delighted with until the seller took one look at it and gave me the &#39;Oh, I&#39;ve been looking for that, its not for sale....&#39;. Hmmm, so why did I find it at the bottom of a box full of rancid maps then eh ? Oh well.
          Matt Hero


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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (Col Wolfe @ Feb. 29 2004,10:56)]Right, that&#39;s it, I refuse to read anymore of your posts
            That doesn&#39;t work. You have to read them. You can&#39;t fight the urge.

            I&#39;m way too lazy to type up lists of stuff I&#39;ve found. My best
            finds were a large wad of plain white 45 sleeves, a wad of Phonogram 45 sleeves and a wad of WH Smith logo inner LP sleeves. All minty. Okay not really exciting but it&#39;s nice to find something a little different and yet still record related in the depths of the most crap filled charity shop in the world. My other favourite find was a Kosset Carpets promo seven inch with three short advertisments on. I&#39;ll get my coat.


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              Originally posted by [b
              Quote[/b] (Matt Hero @ Feb. 29 2004,15:15)]Ray Davies Orchestra - Benny &amp; The Duke (Pye 4D)
              Funny how a couple of months ago, Ray Davies didn&#39;t even know if this got a proper release, and now copies seem to be popping up all over the place - even I might find one eventually (some hope)&#33;

              What sort of thing are you interested in for the Discotheque vol 2, Mr D?


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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (Lord Thames @ Feb. 29 2004,19:24)]Funny how a couple of months ago, Ray Davies didn&#39;t even know if this got a proper release, and now copies seem to be popping up all over the place - even I might find one eventually (some hope)&#33;
                Yeah, strange isn&#39;t it ?

                I&#39;d say that given the number of records that I go through on an average Sunday during booting season, that each sleeve gets maybe 1/3 of a second before I pass on mentally to the next one. The sleeve for this LP wouldn&#39;t normally trigger something unless I caught Ray Davies name on it....but obviously now I caught this copy by the top 2 cm before I&#39;d reached it in the crate because of the sleeve recognition.

                Shows that they are out there though.....
                Matt Hero


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                  Quick nip out on Saturday to the local church hall &#39;table top sale&#39; (is this a car boot for peaople with ideas above their station?)........
                  Pick up:

                  Auger &amp; Driscoll - Jools/Brian - MFP (Forgot how good this is, gotta be the best LP on MFP?)

                  The Hollies - The Hollies - Parlaphone (Nice nick)
                  Lemon Pipers - Marble Arch

                  A Stef Meeder LP w/ a nice set of titties

                  Bit dry on the 45 front..... Oh no BBC Snooker Themes, how did i ever manage without this 45. Why did I buy it?
                  You can't take a stocking offa bare leg


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                    Just the one from the market this weekend, a nice minty copy of Andre Brasseur&#39;s &#39;Tasty&#39; on CBS, but did check Selectadisc and they were knocking out the vinyl 2xLP edition of the Strut Bosworth comp at £4.99, so picked one of those up too. Anyone still after this might want to hit the place while stocks last...

                    In the spirit of Matt Hero, I can add that I also hit the local mega-remainder bookstore and copped several nice bits for a few paltry quid, including a very nice lavishly illustrated book by Michel Remy on &#39;Surrealism In Britain&#39;, a copy of David Mitchell&#39;s &#39;Number9dream&#39; and Ted Hughes&#39; &#39;Collected Poems&#39;.

                    Not really records, though, are they?
                    a giant steam-powered turntable in warwickshire plays six foot cement recordings of Prince Albert's speeches to the rejoicing populace


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                      copped Dorothy Ashby-Afro Harping, thats really all worth mentioning, got some other cool stuff though


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                        not a bad one this weekend, worth the legwork:

                        James Last - Hair (fate perhaps, I spun &#39;let the sunshine in&#39; friday night, the LP is the best of the 4 odd versions I have thus far)

                        Gene Rains and his Group - The Call of the Tropics, Instrumentals, surely some vultures would be familiar with Gene&#39;s exotica releases, did a google and this one got 6 on some blokes exotica guide but I give it an 8, &#39;Jungle Drums&#39; is as fantastic as what you&#39;d hope for&#33;

                        Marcia Hines - Marcia Shines, whorrr a near mint copy&#33; most copies of this I come across the record is either missing, badly warped or beat to hell, at &#036;4 the most expensive item of the day

                        The Ledgermen - Happy ... Great for Dancing, aussie quartet from the 60s doing things like &#39;spinning wheel&#39;, &#39;wichita linemen&#39; and &#39;aquariius - let the sunshine in&#39;, if I find a double of this I&#39;m going to give it Formigo for xmas

                        and from a mate, a few polish:

                        Partita - niech ziema tonie w kwiatach (muza sx 1397) loungish jazz numbers

                        Karate - Breakout / z archiwum polskiego beatu vol 18 (muza sx 2393), looks like an 80&#39;s reissue as the karate breakout cover is sub-imposed on the cover (?), some nice tracks on here with bluesy guitar work over solid polish beats

                        Night in the Europejski - various, (muza sx 1350), two good cuts, one is pretty crazed, hmm, another a semi dusty fingered roller

                        + some other vocal and break chuff


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                          Last 4 days have been pretty nice to me:

                          Bob Azzam &amp; the Great Expectation &quot;S/T&quot; (Audio Fidelity)
                          Lyn Collins &quot;Check Me Out if You Don&#39;t Know me By Now&quot; (People) - first time I&#39;ve seen one of these at an affordable price
                          Wanda Robinson &quot;Me and a Friend&quot; (Perception)
                          Israel Tolbert &quot;Popper Stopper&quot; (Warren/ Stax)
                          Richard &quot;Popcorn&quot; Wylie &quot;E.S.P.&quot; (ABC)
                          Shawn Phillips &quot;Spaced&quot; (A&amp;M)
                          The Music Company &quot;Rubber Soul Jazz&quot; (Mirwood) - A Don Randi project in which he covers beatles tunes, surprisingly good.
                          Bob James &quot;Three&quot; (CTI) -  Saw a &#036;2 copy so I decided to finally pick this up
                          Sweet Inspirations &quot;Estelle, Myrna, &amp; Sylvia&quot; (Stax) - fairly dissapointed with this
                          Charles Williams &quot;Stickball&quot; (Mainstream)
                          Tony Williams Lifetime &quot;Emergency&quot; (Polydor)
                          Harvey Mandel &quot;Righteous&quot; (Phillips)
                          New Birth &quot;Birthday&quot;(RCA) - Double
                          Sabicas Rock Encounter &quot;...With Joe Beck&quot; (Polydor)
                          Larry Russo Trio &quot;Piano Stylings by...&quot; (Laura)
                          Manny Lopez &quot;Adoro&quot; (Patheway) - Los Angeles small press album of bossa and soul from a guy who apparently had a couple hits in Mexico (at least accoriding tp the back cover) Some nice scat moments

                          total for all: &#036;100


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                            Originally posted by [b
                            Quote[/b] (Col Wolfe @ Feb. 29 2004,10:56)]Sugarpushers &#39;Thoughtsauce&#39; eventually found a 2nd copy to replace the one my girlfriend leant on a radiator.
                            Crikey&#33; That&#39;s a blast from the past&#33;
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                              Originally posted by [b
                              Quote[/b] (john stapleton @ Feb. 28 2004,19:40)]and two crap Chris Hinze albums - I must stop buying these, but I&#39;ll find another good one (one day?)...
                              I think the only decent one is &quot;Mission suite&quot; on basf ..