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  • I used to wonder.....

    ....what the original artists would think if they stumbled across one of their records being pimped for their sample potential on ebay. I put this up on Friday and got an email from Mr Goldsheider himself who seemed to be rather delighted with my auction. He sent me a load of info about himself and told me that my blurb made him smile and he loved the fact that I'd put audio up. He's a really nice guy actually. Apparently Red Bus never paid him for that record either. An all too familiar story.

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    That's nice - I've got volume 2 of that one too. I'd be interested to know what he wrote actually.

    I've got a few other Red Bus libraries, the best one is probably 'Prestige' by John Fiddy, which has some nice disco/orchestral/corporate video stuff on it.


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      I found the first three Red Bus LPs. I only really liked the one I'm selling though. Oh the irony. I think the other two are both John Fiddy. Here's the main bit of info he sent me. His official blurb I guess:

      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] ]Alexander Goldscheider was a pioneer of electronic music in the 1970's in Prague, Czech Republic. He was one of the first people to use synthesizers in Eastern Europe  making instrumental tracks for records, radio, film and TV at a time when 99% of music were songs with vocals.

      He came to London in 1981 and recorded two albums for the Red Bus Records - their best remembered act from the era were probably the Imagination. Red Bus released these within their Music Library as Vol. 1 and 2, and later combined them on a CD. Alexander Goldscheider then moved closer to the computer world, co-started a company called Romantic Robot which succesfully designed and produced a series of software and hardware, including the Music Typewriter program and a series of Multiface boxes beloved by the users of ZX Spectrum, Amstrad and Atari computers.He is now fully back to writing/recording/producing his own music which relates much more to his classical music training - the biggest change in direction is also the fact that his new and planned releases are sung by classical singers and large choirs. He also sampled an 80-piece symphonic orchestra back in his native Prague and is currently working it into a 2-CD REQUIEM to be released later this year.His Stabat Mater for a large choir and soloists is available together with further classical and non-classical tracks and can be obtained by ordering from [email protected]