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    new SPOKE release: >>> SEE HERE <<< RKM LIBRARY BEATS


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      a relaxing selection

      nice stuff col..that 'time machine' track sounds brilliant..maybe i played the wrong side !!

      i have been listening to :

      some more old's so good to be off work !!

      alan copeland singers a bubble called you
      the hellers button man
      beach boys wild honey
      simon and garfunkel bookends
      the kinksface to face
      Banned (DJ Anchovy)


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        Originally posted by Col Wolfe View Post
        Lovely stuff... it's like an extra christmas pressie. While I don't wish to appear churlish, I don't suppose there's a track list, is there?

        For my part, I'm listening to

        Kati Kovacs + LGT LP (disappointing to be honest... sorry I mean ace but not my thing. Trade anyone?)
        Mark Fry - Dreaming with Alice LP
        The Valerie Project LP (arrived today and is absolutely lush)
        It Must Have Been the Wind - The Fun and Games 45 (the melody of which has invaded my waking hours in a way that frankly defies belief)

        Mother-in-law's in town so have also been listening to a lot of Dave Brubeck. Which is nice.
        Back and to the left... back and to the left... back and to the left


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          Originally posted by jahshabby View Post
          Lovely stuff... it's like an extra christmas pressie. While I don't wish to appear churlish, I don't suppose there's a track list, is there?

          me three please...great stuff. Loving the second sunshine poppy one at the moment.

          I've been on a movie trip today. Watched Valerie and her week of wonders on youtube, then trawled through a bunch of independant short movies. There's some great stuff on there that aren't clips of garage bands, I'm learning!
          "Not only that but the WHOLE COVER is UNCREASED with only 2 or 3 TINY creaselines near the opening edge about half way down!!!! In the same place (about half way down the opening edge), there is an absolutely TINY and PERFECTLY repaired split" (xxxrecords)


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            Had a bit of this today;

            Donald Byrd - Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
            Leon Thomas - China doll
            Dave Mackay & Vicky Hamilton - See you later
            Mark Murphy - Sconsolato
            Gerardo Frisina - Beyond the moon
            Marva Whitney & James Brown - Sunny
            Ella Fitzgerald - Sunshine of your love
            Irene Reid - My heart said (The bossa nova)
            Eddie Jefferson - Psychedelic Sally
            Mary Lou Williams - Communion song #3 The world
            Nancy Ames - Ese beso
            The Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Sextet - Ensadinado
            Carmen Lundy - Time is love
            Vanessa Rubin - Arise and shine
            Aguabella - Desire
            Jon Lucien - Black Flower
            Jon Hendricks - I'll bet you thought I'd never find you
            Jackson Sloan - Devil may care
            Dave Remington's Big Band feat Irene Kral - Unlit room
            Grady Tate - Moondance
            Billy Gault - Nothing but a man

            It's been all about the vocals today
            Things ain't getting no brighter, load ain't getting no lighter.........



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              I enjoyed listening to this LP earlier on today:

              Lovely Breton acid(ish) Folk...

              Col's Podcast has been the flavor of the evening...


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                The first two (Columbia) Paul Revere and The Raiders LP's in mono that i scored for a buck each two days ago!
                You Stink


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                    So far this morning:

                    Voice of the Seven Woods (excellent stuff - anyone with a remote interest in psych / acid folk should get a copy)

                    Black Diamonds - Tribute to Jimi Hendrix (muller related psychsploitation with a couple of Animated Egg tracks in there)

                    Augustus Pablo - Ital Dub (great Sunday Morn record IMHO)
                    "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                      This and that

                      Well a lazy hazy Sunday has given me a chance to liosten to some bits I grabbed recentrly

                      Amanda Trees St :- Nice enough but her voice is a bit strange (and i'm not talking about the echoplex either)

                      Andy Newman Rainbow :- Fifties rock pastice with Kazoos sounds like something Kid Koala would have a field day with

                      The Family of Apostolic:- Great comune folk gubbins with a great cover.

                      Toni Brown ST RCA:- Cute as a button former Joy of Cooking singer goes it alone for some 'bumpkin soul' or something

                      Time for another cup of tea I think
                      sigpicRock on Penderyn


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                        Tinsel Towny and Campag record - psych for xmas vol 1.

                        I'm in a lazy mode and i don't feel like getting up and putting any records on!
                        "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


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                            and my goodness, it's seamless.


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                                Originally posted by Crawdaddy Simon View Post
                                Yes sir!
                                To infinity - and beyond!