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Triggered by lsd003 i ask...

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  • Triggered by lsd003 i ask...

    I have been on a number of business trips in recent weeks, eating in many restaurants, drinking in even more bars, waiting in hotel lobbies and I am still truly impressed by the number of live music being played in America.
    Most entertainment is provided by solo pianists (and I heard a killer Jazz-piano version of Alica Keys' "Falling&quot but you come across some trios, quartets and even bigger bands of very talented musicians. I never buy their CDs, but triggered by LSD003 I ask: Have you picked up any new and good releases sold at gigs only?

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    I still like Stereolab's Iron Man, on a red vinyl 45 sold at some of their gigs some years back... Very moogy, played it last Friday after having it in my box for over a year, just waiting for me to pick it out...

    There's a few soul 'gig only' 45s floating around too, with the nappy brigade gushing over their wallets...


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      the JTQ gave out a lovely embossed 45 at one of their gigs ages ago that had a good track off the 'absolute' LP on it.
      Chops for show, groove for dough.


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        Funny you should mention it, I just picked up a tour 3" CD at Stereolab's gig last night.

        And recently there was a Broadcast 3" tour-only CD of short instrumental library tracks - rather good.
        There MUST be a Hymns-A-Swingin' in this box...