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Scanners that take whole LP covers

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  • Scanners that take whole LP covers

    My current scanners is not big enough to fit a whole lp cover, so I'm just wondering if there are any models that does? Any recommendations?

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    the Mustek A3 Scanexpress: (hope this link works)

    everything else in that size is a lot more expensive (i.e. not much change from a grand)


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      (i don't have one, by the way, so no idea what they are like)


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        btw A3 isnt 12" - its 11.7" scan area so I cant say if it will get the whole lp. (thus defeating the object of buying a new scanner...) <- Changed URL


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          and don't even think about A2 scanners....
          We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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            and I have a Mustek scanner and it is SHIT, beware !


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              I'm hearing ya'll - I'm thinking a cheapish digi camera along with a simple image editing program is the best option ..

              presently looking into what bang you get for your buck with the digi's, they start pretty cheap these days (circa 50 quid I reckon)


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                You can't afford a scanner that fits an entire LP jacket.
                Thewy are real Big bucks,

                You need to scan both sides as much as they fit on the scanner bed and then after scanning them, stich both halves together.

                After I got a whole lot more memory in my machine, the scanning software allowed me at least 3 more inches that didn't exist before the memory upgrade for scanning

                NOW, instead of scanning in 4 parts, upper 2 halves and lower 2 halves (Believe it !), I scan just the 2 and then stitch it into 1 entire album jacket. I'm a happy scannin fool

                It's easy and only took me about 6 years to get to this point



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                  Thanks for the replies. I'm thinking about just using a digicamera myself. Only problem is when I'm usually taking the pictures, it's pretty late at night, and the light ain't all that, and using lamps usually give too much reflection. What's your best tips on taking pics of lp covers?


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                    Oh, also, I have and have always used MICROTEK scanners.
                    This is only my 2nd scanner in 6 years and I use it constantly
                    for my business, scanning LP covers and CD covers as well

                    I have a Microtek ScanMaker X12 USL

                    AND it comes with Text Recognition software bundled with the Scanner software.

                    OPR ? Is that what they call Text Rcognition Software, for scanninbg text and saving it in a /doc or .txt file or whatever ?



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                      i use either a scanner or a digital camera. if you're taking shots with a camera in low light, try to get a daylight bulb or two in a lamp, and use a diffuser (a piece of paper will usually do) to kind of reflect the light, to stop you getting that flash burn.

                      two other tricks -
                      1. an obvious one, turn off the flash on the camera! it will adjust contrast accordingly for you, but note you need to hold the camera very still as the exposure time is longer than with flash.

                      2. once you've got the shot, take it into Photoshop, cut out the cover, paste as a new image, then use Auto Levels (in the 'adjust colours' menu) to make it look good (Auto Levels re-balances the colours, ideal for low light conditions, and will adjust if you've shot under normal yellowish bulb lighting)
                      Chops for show, groove for dough.