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    I just bought 'The Story Of Sampling' (finally) and 'Cissy Strut' both by Pablo. Both great records. Both dirt cheap. Next day delivery. Well packaged. And they take PayPal. Recommended seller. A++++++++++++

    Red Hook Recordings

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    Second both of them! I caught 'story of sampling' a looong time ago and loved it to bits. I noticed it had been repressed recently. Good stuff. <- Changed URL


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      I missed &#39;The Story Of Sampling&#39; the first time. It&#39;s one of those tracks that slipped through the net and never really gotten the attention it deserved. There&#39;s just this quiet buzz about it. It&#39;s an idea that a lot of people had (including me) but never managed to get it together to do. It must have taken him a long long time.


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        second the Cissy Strut recommendation, can&#39;t remember if i&#39;ve heard the other.

        also have a good 12&quot; on Red Hook from a couple of years ago - Butch Cassidy Sound System &#39;Brothers and Sisters&#39;. dubby steppers style reggae...

        just checked the site, and damn they&#39;;re cheap. shame the soundclips don&#39;t work properly on Mozilla with the twatty web design


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          Great little label that, lovely tunes too.

          The &#39;story of sampling&#39; ep is fantastic, love the accapella. It reminds me of that Dj Format tune &#39;b-boy code&#39; which did a similar thing cutting up vocals to make new rhymes.


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            there&#39;s also a recent Butch Cassidy Sound System 7&quot; (Burning Sun / The Putney) which is excellent. The B-side is a homage to the VCS-3 a reggae style.
            We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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              The Putney is one heck of a track&#33; Its been in my box ever since i got it. Instant classic.