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    Hi u all

    I am going to meet one of our fellow forum members today (Guillaume from France is in Lisbon...)

    But that's not why i am writing. I just got a polish contact who is willing to get me russian, polish or czech records. I did a search but with now results under poland or polish jazz.

    Can u help me with some names that i could get him to search for?



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    If planman is there you should ask him he knows his stuff.

    It all depends what youre after.

    But the best ones are for me.

    Novi singers (bossa nova, torpedo, rien ne va plus.... if you like scat this is hot )

    Stringbeat Henry Bebich on muza
    ( nice version of chameleon , shaft ...with breaks)

    Karolak "easy" on muza (very good album funk and bossa )

    Jerzy Milian "bazar" on muza (great title track)

    jerzy milian "Orkiestra prtv" on muza (not on pronit !!) great !!!!

    Sadowski 3000 POINTS (great fusion lp) on muza

    Big band katowice (great jazz funk) on muza

    And of course, salena jones (muza), Keith Mansfield and his orchestra (pronit), piotr figiel s/t (pronit) , Crash & Grazyna Lobaszewska (muza) , ergo band (muza).....
    lots of stuff

    If you have questions about polish records just send me a mail

    [email protected]


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      there's a useful Polish Jazz website here:

      and a gallery of sleeves (including some of those mentioned above) here:

      I'd add Komeda (though he's quite avant garde at times: did most of Polanski's soundtracks as well as his own stuff) and Wlodzimierz Nahorny (whose 'Jej Portret' is quite Easy, but has some nice flutey tracks on it) to the list above. There's also an LP by Piotr Figiel in collaboration with Urszula Sipinska (Bright Days Will Come - there's a sleeve shot on the fonopress site under 'females', I think) which has one fantastic track, 'The Memory', which is find of psych-folk & on my copy is horribly of LP isn't so hot, but that track is very good).

      If you're loking outside jazz, try Ali Babki's 'Kwiak Jednej Noci' (folky psych-pop), Maryla Rodowicz's 'Wiznanie' (psych-folk-jazz tracks like Hindu Couplets). Most Polish pop LPs are very hit & miss, but there are often geat single tracks tucked away among the cabaret dross...

      Just bought about 30 LPs from a single charity & filled slightly less than 2 C90 tapes from them, so I'd guess that gives an idea...but, wow, there's some really good one-offs scattered around the Muza/Pronit catalogues if you're prepared to sift the stuff! Out of 3 LPs by Jerzy Polomski, two great tracks: but both are stormers ('Nie Pierwsy Raz' on the 'Daj' LP is the best Bond theme John Barry didn't write, IMO - just wait for Robbie Williams to rip it off! - but the rest is very poor).

      Tread carefully, but there are rewards to be found!
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        Thanx guys

        Planman is in fact very knowledgeable about the polish scene (about the entire european scene in fact) and also gave me some clues.

        Our digging trip today did not turn up any heat. We only had time to hit one store and there was nothing at the moment there (the guy owns a large warehouse and changes is stock all the time cause the shop is very small). But hopefully we'll be able to get to one flea market on saturday.

        Thanx u all once again.



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          I was in Wroclaw last week with my girlfriend.Of course while I was there I had to keep my eyes open for any vinyl emporium.Nothing,until I saw what seemed to be an old bus station and my antenna told me that it must be an indoor market.Sure was, but again nothing.

          Oh well,sometimes it's good to switch off the old digging instincts,but turning up a couple of Novi Singers would have made my holiday that little bit more memorable :wink:
          Back to Neuuuuuuuuuu!


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            Well Hello there Everybody in the Vulture zone!

            I'm new. Let's get that straight, ok. Infact this is the FIRST post from me and a more fitting one I couldn't have imagined to inspire a few words from me so, breathe in and let go........
            Firstly, Polish Jazz recordings are a most incredible and truly deep genre, not least in their seemingly unrelenting ability to amaze or just freak people out with the sheer magnificence of the music but in the apparent high volume of quality releases. The fact that an overwhelmingly high number of world class musicians maintained some sort of physical commitment to producing yet more collective releases on Polish soil, as well as participate in the anual Jazz Jamboree held in Novmber, long after they had left the motherland to tour the globe with top shelf acts from the USA, is testament to one thing in particular: the knowledge that the trip home would be worth it. They knew they were involved in a quiet revolution taking place not only in Jazz music but music in general. Utilising sometimes antiquainted equipment and outdated technologies, these artists left behind them a legacy of truly inspiring sessions & recordings. These compositions, their arrangements, the energy and atmosphere locked within their grooves and ultimately, the way they left the listener reeling in a confusion of excitement and disbelief of their power, often led to more high profile artists lifting elements from them, re-inventing these little known recordings as their own, to wide aclaim. Nothing new there then, untill you consider the fact that many of these incredible [east european] musicians began their careers by frequently mimicking the musical stylings and methods employed by the rosta of visiting American artists who regularly flew into town for hot Jazz dates during the late fifties and early sixties. I sadly dont have much in the way of advice which has'nt already been offered before. The key labels Muza and Pronit will deliver the goods if you dig into them but there are fewer earlier recordings available nowadays, even fewer in good shape. Much of what you find lying around charity shops and in crusty old stores is very clearly on the Rock tip which so many of the Jazz artists fell into from the very late seventies [if only to pay the rent as Rock was gripping the USA infatuated youth market in Poland then]. But what never stops freaking me out is how late you can run with a lot of these recordings and still find them deeply into the funk! It's not entirely odd to uncover an LP from '78 or '79 and turn it over to find the funk on it, albeit occasionally twisted but I love that anyway! You might wanna check for these guys.
            Straight up stuff:

            Janusz Kozlowski
            Andrzej Kurylewicz
            Zbigniew Namyslowski-Modern Jazz Quartet
            Krzysztof Komeda
            Wojciech Kaminski
            Vaclav Zahradnik [Orchestra]
            Jerzy Milian [before '70]

            Avant Garde:

            Marius Popp
            Novi Singers [after '69]
            Jerzy Milian [after '70]
            Extra Ball
            Petr Spaleny
            Krstyna Pronko
            Wojciek Karolak

            .....and a few decent series releases are Jazz Jamboree, Polish Jazz no.s, Apollosound and all the many Radio Orchestra series.

            A bit of a rant I know, but IÂ’ve drank too much 'Joe this morning and well, you know!

            Good Luck buddah on those finds.
            Anybody can hit me up with eastern european joints, I'm always looking for Polish, Romanian, Hungarian and Czech isms.


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              Nice first post la soul

              marius popp is romanian (panoramic jazz-rock is his best lp.. realy nice )
              shq is czech (check shq and friends have some nice records)


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                De la wich Vaclav Zahradnik do you like ?



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                  Sure most of you know this already, but the Crippled Dick 'Between & Beyond The Iron curtain' comp includes tracks by a lot of these people: Karolak, Adam Makowicz, Novi Singers, Big Band Katowice, Martin Kratochvil's Jazz Q (superb cinematic funker!), Namyslowsky Quartet, Laboratorium... with other selections from Czech & GDR based outfits, too: could do worse as a sampler/starting point (if there is another sampler/starting point available). Anyone know of any other comps/reissues of this stuff available so far? (Think CDHW are doing a vol.2, but haven't seen it yet - though there was a remix LP of stuff from the 1st I haven't heard yet).
                  a giant steam-powered turntable in warwickshire plays six foot cement recordings of Prince Albert's speeches to the rejoicing populace


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                    there is a comp of yugoslavian funk. I know it has two asanovic tracks on it.

                    I'll dig it out tonight.
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                      the cosmic-sounds comps are great. (polish jazz, czech jazz, russian, ..... )


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                        Whilst we're on an East European 'tip', can anyone point me in the direction of decent Hungarian stuff, particularly of an easy/funky big band leaning?  If I'd been less of a dullard in the academic year 1992-93 I would have doubtless brought back some terrific stuff because I bloody lived there.  But oh no!  Far too much to ask.  The only thing I snagged then was a 10-LP boxed set of Zsuzsa Koncz stuff (1969-79) and I can't exactly big this up.  The only point of interest here for you Vulture types is that Illés were her backing band for the first few albums, and one of their tracks was on that Cherrystone compilation a while back.  

                        Any thoughts, anyone?
                        The Pop Music Library


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                          I have had the illes lp with ole mindegy whatever for a while now. I think its on add a kezed.

                          I saw a lot of zalatny in utrecht but none of the ones with the killer breaks.

                          I picked up some great stuff on pepita, pronit and supraphon while I was there - I'll chart the choicest bits this month.
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                            There some nice stuff on pepita (quite cheap)
                            I like
                            csik gustav: es egyuttse (great version of chameleon) csaba deseo: ultraviola
                            Sarolta zalatnay : hadd mondjam el (breaks... )


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                              Quote pokester:
                              De la wich Vaclav Zahradnik do you like ?

                              Firstly, thanks for the words and yes, I got carried away and whilst digging out some Polish isms came the Marius Popp &amp; SHQ!!!!!

                              I have both these LP's you mentioned, SHQ [for my money] deliver the ultimate version of &quot;Cubano Chant&quot;.

                              re. the Zahradnik: I have the &quot;Jazz Goes to the Beat&quot; and understand his first LP &quot;Fairy Tales&quot; contains some fine moments too!
                              Are you really into your east europa flavour then?