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  • John fiddy

    Just had a call from John Fiddy about something so I thought I would check out their website.

    This little snippet of info was on there.

    Jean-Pierre Fabien
    Peter Guntherson
    Jean-Claude Madonne
    Barry Ryder
    Tom Stanswick

    Were all John Fiddy. Im sure Lord T knew this but it was news to me! Interesting for the geek like me. <- Changed URL

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    Well, I knew about Monsieur Fabien, but the others are all new to me&#33;

    Actually, John did some 70s Disco style tracks for Bruton under the Fabien alias a couple of years back that were very convincing - he&#39;s still got it&#33;

    If you speak to him again, you couldn&#39;t ask him about the London Moods Orchestra, could you? I know he did some (but not all) of their stuff, and I&#39;d like to find out what they&#39;re all about.


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      nice info &#33;


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        John Fiddy

        If anyone has queries about me, or wants to get in touch I can be found at [email protected] .


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          Hello John - nice to have you with us!


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            I'd like to hear some of those Bruton tracks. I have only one record by John Fiddy: "Suite in Oil and Steel" on SONOTON which has a couple of great things on it (hello John, btw)...

            Look forward to hearing more about this work.


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              They're on the Bruton CD 'Tribute To The 70s vol 1', which is a mix of newly recorded tracks and archive stuff - I'm pretty sure the Jean-Pierre Fabien tracks were new ones for the CD, but the fact I didn't really notice just shows how well done they were! Maybe John himself has more info?

              'Suite In Oil and Steel' does have some nice moments on it - I've got a bit of a soft spot for those Sonoton industrial LPs, they usually have something I like on them.


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                d' dum dum..

                dum-dum is amazing! a REAL gem of an LP... £70+ for the original boys!! I am glad to say that iv got a vinyl rip remastered !!


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                  ^also a very very good recording by John Fiddy!