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Duello madre lp

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  • Duello madre lp

    Anyone got the lowdown on this LP, on the Produttoriassociati label from 1973.

    Any help much appreciated as always!

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    awesome record, lovely gatefold cover too! they have the drummer from circus 2000 and bass player from osage tribe. circus 2000 almost has the same sound and vibe as duello, but the great electric piano and the sax got replaced with a female singer. well worth tracking down if you're into duello! they're just as good if u ask me! osage tribe is alot more rock oriented and riff driven, average rock, in my ears... not really my cup of tea to be honest.

    duello also seems to have some connection to nouva idea, but i have no knowledge what so ever about them... maybe some other vulture does? maybe thats where the keyboardist comes from?

    oh btw, your record is on its way. dont worry, its not lost in the mail. the delay is because of my lazyness.. sorry