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  • John dankworth

    I'm just wondering what this record sounds like, and a tracklist would be great

    What's a fair price for it?


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    it's good but not amazing. the stand-out track is the ace version of 'modesty blaise' with the big break. not sure how much it goes for in the UK - 20-30 quid maybe? you don't often see it. mine's from new zealand.
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      I would guess slightly cheaper Ed. I paid £15 from the soundtrack shop in Bloomsbury the other year. I like it - 'Modesty Blaise' is good (I think the Gorillaz used it) as is 'Return From The Ashes'.
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        Mine came from a booter and cost a quid, but it's the 'Modesty Blaise' & 'Return From the Ashes' that stand out, though I'd put a word in for the nice flutey/loungey theme from 'Look Stranger', too. That said, it's a fully listenable big band jazz LP - you don't get the plummet in quality from track to track you do on some LPs, and it's all nice enough stuff. Tracklist is as follows:

        Theme:Modesty Blaise
        Theme: Morgan
        Theme: Return From The Ashes
        Theme: All Gone (from The Servant)

        East St Louis Boogaloo
        Round Table Round
        Herbie Walks Again
        Long John
        Look Stranger (from BBC TV series Look Stranger)
        Whirly Birly (from BBC TV series Bird's Eye View)

        It's RCA SF 8405, and features Dankworth with Don Rendell, Alan Wakeman, Roger Cawkwell, Kenny Baker, Ronnie Verrall and lots of others...
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          Think Ive got a spare on this.
          Ill check & let you know funky Tee
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            I think there's another issue on a different label too, but I've got the RCA version. Not bad for 30p!


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              Great record (IMHO) from start to finish - nuff said!

              Doesn't turn up, either.
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                yeah its a good one, i've found 2 copies up here in sweden so it cant be that hard to find


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                  If anyone has a spare of this I would definitely be up a trade.