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  • \'Nother Ebay ?

    A bloke wants paying into his bank in euros (he's in Germany) - how do I do this? Is it easier to just send cash?
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    send cash registered.

    or if its for loads you have to do an international bank transfer. its very easy to do - just means wasting a lunch time down the bank (and paying the fees...) <- Changed URL


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      yes bank rates are very high for these transaction.

      Ask him if you can send him a postal order (or cash reg)


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        careful at the post office when sending cash abroad...cos it is illegal after all...i always say its a stamp that i've sold to a collector...that doesn't raise any questions (but would probably put the chick in the queue behind you right off!). they have just started this new 'international signed for' thing...costs about 2.50-3 quid and is insured for 30 quid...


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          I've used 'International Signed For' recently and had no problems. it costs £3.30 + normal weight cost and I've mailed cash to Italy, Holland &amp; Germany without theft.

          The German sellers I've dealt with have always been happy with this method, generally once I've explained that it costs upwards of £15 to do a bank transfer.
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            £15!!!! I've only got to send 13.50EUR - bugger that - cash it is!

            Cheers to all for the advice.
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              If you're registered with Paypal you can now send the cash in Euros.


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                I think you can pay in Euros now thru PAY PAL.
                I know you can pay or I can pay in GBP, so Euro is probably also available

                MAYBE you can check the box for Pay Pal's guarantee for a small fee, I don't know, but it MIGHT be an option for you.
                Registered mail over here costs an ectra &#369.00 + Postage to actually send it