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  • Itunes playlist export

    Now I've discovered the joys of ichat, I can send MP3s lovingly created by myself from my vinyl collection over to another ichat member really, really quickly.

    The problem is showing another what you have to offer on itunes. The xml export playist is useless, all the track names are surrounded by all this jargon, impossible to read without your head exploding. I end up having to take snapshots of the itunes library, so the other guy can see for himself, but with 2.9 days worth and counting on my mac, that's a lot of snapshots to make...

    There must be an easier way. I was thinking maybe some clever nit has written a little script for this for people to download via the shareware sites, but no joy do far trying to turn one up.

    So does anyone else know of any such thing? An easy way to show your itunes library list to someone else? It's the mac version of Soulseek!

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    Not sure if this is what you want... but I just select all the tracks and copy, and then paste into a text editor like Simpletext or Word.
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      Sure, but that takes ages and what with all the clicking into the artist and tracks fields, selecting then copying - I can type it just as fast and I don't really wanna type out details for 1189 tracks! Far quicker to take pdf snapshots but still a pain (ish) (but didn't take long) Still, can't believe you can't export the playlist as just that. Weird.