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Ntsu player bought my ntsu lpÂ…

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  • Ntsu player bought my ntsu lpÂ…

    Â…he probably overpaid slightly, lucky me. i thought people here would be interested. he could have a tale or 2 - heres what he said -

    >I played at NTSU beginning in '75; however, I've played most of the charts on Lab 71 and they rank among my favorites. I'm interested how you became interested in NTSU jazz! Of course I realize the program is known world-wide. After several years of playing music for a living, I'm now a high school English teacher, and in my spare time, I help the jazz band at my school. Am I correct to presume you/re English and not a transplanted Yank? I've traveled to England a few times with and without students, and I'm enthralled with London and the rest of the country as well. Excuse the personal, chatty nature of this email, but I do tend to keep in touch with people in England!

    heres what i saidÂ…


    I think its great to sell it back to a player!! I have the 1975 & 76 lps that you must have played on - i'll be checking for your name! Ive collected quite a few of the NTSU lps, my fav being the annual spring concert of 70-71 (if i remember rightly) - it has a few great tracks such as "newborn hippopotamus" and the 1973 lp (again, not quite sure) with "nine monks", i like those big drums, guitar work and well, i guess you could say, just nice arrangements, space to let the musicians do their thing. I guess i became interested through collecting soul, jazz and funk records and trying to find obscure, interesting music. I enjoy the amateur nature of musicianship, recordings and pressing, not because by being amateur they are of any less quality - quite tyhe opposite - i find that amateur musicians did it for pleasure, often they more sound genuine, meaningful and soulful. I don't mind chatting about such things at all! And if you have any other high school or college jazz ensemble lps that you might consider passing on, please let me know -

    best regards, Cal

    High on my own supply.