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Special branch (again!)

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  • Special branch (again!)

    I can't find the old thread about this, so I'll start a new one.

    I've now got and had a look at the 'Special Branch' DVDs - picture and sound wise not as good as the Sweeney ones, but musically......

    You get a little bit more of the theme tune on the end titles, there's a nice little guitar and sax riff, and there's also a really good funky variation on the theme used as incidental music in one episode. Sounds like Ray Davies on trumpet too.

    There's more incidental music than I've seen on other episodes too, and stone me if 'Shady Blues' by Lee Mason doesn't turn up in one of them!

    Hope the above is of some interest to someone - if you liked the Sweeney DVDs, these'll probably appeal too.

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    Good news, I posted earlier on this, one of my favourite themes, I will probably buy this for the theme alone. Is this sad or obsessional  

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    why is that cd black?