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Help - guder breaks, small tight centrehole!

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  • Help - guder breaks, small tight centrehole!

    so I came across mr guders breaks vol 1 b/w chameleon yesterday, great music and nice think vinyl but the tightest small centrehole of all time - I swear, I almost had to call the fire department to come to my aid!!

    so do I take a scapel to this or get on ebay and try to find one of those big hole punchers as linked by someone last week!?!

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    I usually find twisting a sharp scissor blade gently round the inside, shaving out the hole till it fits, does the trick. But I suppose it depends how much vinyl you need to clear to get it over your spindle...
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      I use a small file, the kind you use on wood, half circular edge. Same idea as Wayne's. Do it slowly and carefully to make sure you don't go too far. If you do, get the rolling papers out!


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        I always use a key. Stick it in, twist it round a little. Works a treat.