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  • Roger webb...the aliases

    greetings to all, hope everyone's in fine fettle. Been a while i know, so let's get down to brass tacks.
    Recently i've been offered a stash of librarys (all the usual label suspects), having developed a taste for Mr Webb's output i'm growing a little confused as to the aliases he used along with other notable names like Pete Moore. I realise this has probably been done to death, i appologise so please excuse ignorance. It's doing my bloomin' head in!. Cheers!.
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    gareth, where you been?  

    not sure on mr webb's aliases - as far as i know, the stuff i have by him is always credited to roger webb or r. webb.

    he certainly isn't pete moore  

    he certainly isn't the mad frenchman roger roger, either - as blurted out verbal-diahorrea style by someone on the bay. check this...


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      Hi Jon, things have bin a little hectic. Remember i said i was gonna invest in some recording gear...well now i'm up to me bloody elbows in quater inch jacks and patchbay leads.

      Yep, i see what you mean about the 'bay ad. With the usual over the top comments they lay down, stuffed to the gills with exclamation marks. Blinding.
      I should have been a bit clearer on the R Webb front. what i meant was Mr Moore also uses a few alaises and i could have sworn that someone told me Roger Webb has used the name 'Paul Dupont' and something else i cant remember right now. Maybe i just caught the wrong end of the stick though (and knowing me this is entirely within the realms of possibility).

      Anyways, good to hear from yer mate. Oh, and whilst i remember any chance of a copy of that Ronnie Hazlehurst library?.
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        paul dupont actually sounds familiar - you could well be right there.

        see what you mean about pete moore - t'was only pulling your leg anyway.  

        i've still got your address - i've got that hazlehurst library cd for you.  


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          Jon, youre a star!. No doubt i'll be on your case for some tips on recording ect very soon. Either that or i'll get a rude awakening to my meagre musical talents from 'er indoors.

          Yeah Pual Dupont is a Webb alais i'm that kinda begs the question what others has he used if any?.
          I reckon this might need the special talents of Lord Thames or Sermad.

          derelicts of dialect


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            Yep, Paul Dupont was indeed Roger Webb.

            Marc Laroche was another Webb alias used on Chappell records, stuff credited to Laroche was usually performed by a small group with Barbara Moore on vocals.

            Some Webb Chappell tracks also appeared with the performer listed as 'Ole Jensen and his music' - Jensen appears to be a Chappell house pseudonym that frequently cloaks the work of Robert Farnon and the Danish State Radio Orchestra, though obviously others used it as well.

            Good to see you back, Mr Mundays sir - and if you don't want any of those libraries you've been offered, there's a good home round here that'll have 'em!


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              Originally posted by [b
              Quote[/b] (Lord Thames @ Mar. 15 2004,23:38)]Good to see you back, Mr Mundays sir - and if you don't want any of those libraries you've been offered, there's a good home round here that'll have 'em!
              yep - same here.


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                No worries boys, i'll have a 'shufties'. And thanks for the info.
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