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    Just a received a copy of the Rouge 'Blackout' library LP from one of the good members of this board.

    All the tracks are credited to 'A. Valotti' (inc. the excellent 'Spiro', as comped on the BBE 'Bite Hard' comp).

    Was this guy a real flesh-and-blood person or, as I suspect, yet another UK arranger hiding behind a pseudonym?

    Many thanks as ever for any help!
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    100% a fake name. Seeing as 'drum time' also cropped up on a hudson library 'Blood on the flower' under a different name!

    As for who it is. Haven't got a clue. sorry. <- Changed URL


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      &#39;Blood On The Flowers&#39; was credited to Preston James. But even that sounds a bit of a fake name.

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        Well, Preston James is a pseudonym for James de Wolfe, for many years the boss of de Wolfe itself, and (I think) grandson of the company&#39;s founder, Meyer de Wolfe.

        Having listened to some of &#39;Preston James&#39; other work, though, it has to be said &#39;Drum Time&#39; is quite radically different from anything else he&#39;s ever done&#33;

        Now, this is pure speculation on my part, but I wonder if it might be Mr de Wolfe doing a bit of a Leo Muller and thinking as it was just basically a drummer freaking out while doing the backing to another tune (&#39;Spiro&#39, perhaps he could assign the credit to himself and pick up a bit of extra beer money on the side.

        Not that I&#39;m suggesting James de Wolfe would do anything underhand like that at all, but it&#39;s always a possibility&#33;


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          Hmmm, didnt James De Wolfe also produce some of the Hudson libraries as well?, i&#39;m certain i&#39;ve got some somewhere.
          One i can remember for sure is an lp called &#39;Headlines&#39; on Hudson credited to Barbra Moore and produced by James.
          (sad to say though, it&#39;s not that good).
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            Oh, I&#39;ve got &#39;Headlines&#39; too - James de W certainly got about a bit, producing stuff for all the various de Wolfe labels (Hudson, Rouge, Sylvester), he didn&#39;t just limit himself to the one that bore his name&#33;


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              *laughs* He did like to put it about a bit&#33;.
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