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Anyone into comic art here?

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  • Anyone into comic art here?

    I posted this at Soulstrut to no avail. Maybe a more European audience can help me:

    Over a decade ago I picked up a nice postcard by comic artist Serge Clerc.

    I would love to have a whole box of these now and wouldn't mind a poster either.
    I don't know much about comics and have not been able to find prints of this piece anywhere.
    Does anyone know whether they are still available somewhere?

    I really want to know whether he has more pieces that have records / record collecting as their subject. The guy has made many actual record covers. I am sure that some of you have come across his work:



    For more actual graphics check here I have tried to find the card I showed above through these people and a dealer who is selling original prints but didn't succeed yet.

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    Serge Clerc used to do graphic design for the NME. He did loads of artwork involving music, records etc. I've got 20 years' worth of NMEs in my attic, and I'm sure there are loads with his work on them.

    You need to find either a French comic specialist (there are many, comics are a national obsession over there) or one in Belgium (ditto) or Britain. I used to collect but don't any more (I gave away all my Howard The Ducks, like a big fat idiot&#33. There are a few in London, but I'm not sure about 2nd hand. There's a place down Brewer St in Soho that sells old posters, artwork etc. That might be worth checking.