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  • hey nick

    alright nick, I tried to reply re: perry but it returned the mail...

    Yes, Black Art was the label, the Black Ark was the studio.... don't know the dates, I'm no perry expert, early to mid 70s sometime, until he burnt it down...but anyway, if definitely functioned as a label then rather than in sweden. theres loads of discographys kicking about, none complete, thats perry for you. Nobody really has a handle on the whole thing, even I've got at least one piece which doesn't appear on most of those discogs I've seen, and I'm a rank amateur in the perry field.

    and finally, sorry for using my first post to cryptically carry on a private conversation... Hello everybody, I met a few of you at the salmon (thanks to the chap who kindly gave me a lift) and elsewhere, so hello to those I know and those I don't...

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    Yeah, its real hard trying to find a complete Lee Perry discog... Thanks for the Columbo work Fin!
    Maybe someone here knows; Trying to find out what was the first pressing of Perry's Blackboard Jungle Dub... Mine is on Upsetter, blue type on white label. Cover is red & black and says "Distributed by Coxsone's Music City" with a NYC address and a Kingston address. Cover was printed in Kingston. Run out has "SCR+LP+1+A" the same on the B-side with B replacing the A...
    It may be involved with a trade with a dealer, and dealers have a living to make, so I wanna be sure I get a reasonable trade - I wouldn't half as picky if it were with a civilian!


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      if its got a NY coxsone address, I would imagine it is a late pressing... could be wrong, depends on when coxsone started operating out of NY, but I think it was in 1980. Anyway, it was first issued in 73, before Perry set up Black Ark (74). So it would have been an upsetter issue, I imagine. The place to ask would be on the Blood and Fire records message board...