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  • Aaargh!

    I have a Goldring/Elektra cartdridge on my NAD record deck that has suddenly gone haywire. Bits of the signal leak through in splits of a second and it's all tinny. The needle looks okay, maybe its seen better days, but it looks like there's some hours left in it yet. It's not bent out of shape or anything. The four colured wires appear to be in place and not touching each other.

    Basically, this is a nightmare because I can't afford to replace the cartridge or even the stylus right now, and I don't even know what exactly has gone wrong... So I'm wondering what the general advice from the board would be -sound familiar to anybody? Any fixing tips?

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    Is there any way you can check that the phono pre amp (internal or external ?) is still working OK ? If the wiring on the arm is still fine and you're adamant that the stylus is OK, it seems the next obvious place to try.

    Hook another deck if you can and check that out.
    Matt Hero


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      Fixed now. Too embarrassed to say how on this board... (doh x 100)


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        come on nick, out with it. what was the problem? no-one's going to laugh.


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          Well, erm, I suddenly remembered that the phono socket on my one little active speaker had periods where it would break up. A little adjusting always fixed that, as it did just now... That's after I'd unhooked the deck to get a better look and brought up a much older deck from the basment, cleaned it up, and written this post...

          The other speaker is next my computer upstairs for now... othewise I would've known it was the one with the loose socket straight away... I can hear you laughing, don't try to deny it...!


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            That's right, no-one's going to laugh at your embarassing problem with your NAD...
            There MUST be a Hymns-A-Swingin' in this box...


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              Originally posted by [b
              Quote[/b] (Nick Cope @ Mar. 22 2004,11:44)].. I can hear you laughing, don't try to deny it...!

              actually though, niggling audio problems like that are a nightmare - i know it only too well.


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                Well lately all my audio logic thinking has completely deserted me... Still, nice to hear the Curtis Knight 45 - super-nice drum break from the get-go. Think I might hook that one up later...