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Fridge disposal could lead to........

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  • Fridge disposal could lead to........

    I threw away our knackered old fridge freezer last week & although Im always at the local tip Ive never had to sign for anything. If you chuck away a fridge you've gotta sign for it, any how in the office was a box of LP's, so i naturally asked if I could check 'em out. There was nothing special, but I bunged the tip monitors a couple of quid & took a Bowie LP & Kongas & something else.
    They have my details & are ringing me when they retrieve any vinyl from the skips. It's all a bit shady, they had to move the CCTV camera as I exited the gates, cool!!
    I know a lot of carbooters get stuff from the tip on the sly but any one else had a regular deal with the bin men??
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    I guess that it depends on how the refuse is dealt with by your local authority.

    I go to the big refuse recycling centre in town once a month to get rid of all my plastic/metal/cardboard/glass/garden waste gear (because for reasons I won't bore you with they are not doing doorstep recycling rounds in my area).

    All the rubbish in the general rubbish skips is sorted by the binnies, all black bags are opened and checked, and anything that is salvagable is put in a open shelter at one end of the site where you can search through it and buy anything you fancy. So if you're in Southampton, don't think you can hide 'iffy' things in your black bags

    Over the years I've seen Hammond & Farfisa organs, Garrad turntables, loads of boxes of books and records, electricals of all imaginable varieties.

    In fact the site is so popular with people looking for a bargain, that you are only allowed on site for 15 minutes at a time if you are a 'buyer'.

    It's an official thing (they also sell compost made from the shredded waste in the garden waste bins) and the money goes back into the cities recycling budget......apparently anyway  
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      the tip guy at our local placed 'traded' us a box of about 50 80s soul and funk 12s. the box had some wicked Fela Kuti LPs and other African bits in too - the African stuff was knackered but the 12s were in good shape. we gave the tip guy quite a few goodies in return so it was all good. haven't heard from him since but he reckoned they had vinyl in quite regularly and it always ends up in his 'useful stuff' lockup.
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        'fraid the local tip for me and Chris has already been monopolised by some record dealer who assesses and buys all the vinyl from the tip lads.

        When I asked to have a look, they were proper snotty with me. I mean PROPER snotty! Turns out they reckon this bloke's doing them a fair old turn... "he once gave us twenty quid for a pile of old 60's records"...

        ... I bet he fookin' did...
        If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] ]I know a lot of carbooters get stuff from the tip
          That explains so much.


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            I recently found a perfectly functioning imac at my local went straight in the boot of the car!
            I sorted it out & now my nephew is a mac n00b! It drives me mad seeing so much good stuff being dumped...
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              I found one of those glass based Technics at the council dump late last year - cracked completely in half
              - gutted it for parts tho inc. a fully working arm with £80 worth of cartridge on it. Noice.
              I also asked whether they had any 'old records' turning up & like the above posts, a local dealer has already monopolised the site - clever buggers those pros
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