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  • Madvillainy

    You guys checked the ridiculously anticipated Madvillain LP (Madlib and MF Doom)?

    Listening to it now (again) and hearing many familiar things. Some soul, but mostly exotica, library (?) and easy - i guess. its really diffucult to say because of the way mablib loops those beats.

    Anyone recognized anything there? Anyone like the LP (i'm still tentative. sounding better all the time)?

    (sorry about the attack of the brackets)

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    hmmm. a lot of people seem to be touting it as 'album of the year',  but I would have to disagree. I'm not sure if it's Madlib's production or what but it just lacks that extra something...don't know what it is though. If MF Doom had done more production on the other hand, i'm sure i'd like it much more. my first impression, it doesn't come close to approaching the hugeness of the Viktor Vaughn lp or the King Geedorah lp, but then again, this isn't an exclusive MF Doom joint. Definitely not album of the year imo.

    get this, it's much better:

    Prefuse 73 - Intro
    Mos Def & Diverse - Wylin Out (Kutmasta Kurt Mix)
    Aesop Rock - Train Buffer (Aesop Rock Mix)
    Atmosphere - Fear
    Diverse - Blindman (Low Budget Mix)
    Caural - Photograph
    Prefuse 73 - Interlude
    The Timeout Drawer - Broad Grins From The Boarding Ramp


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      IÂ’ll be surprised and a little disappointed if we reach the end of the year and Madvillian has been the best album of 04, but its sure gonna go down as one of the highlights. The album reminds me of hip hop in its more innocent years, were a little experimentation was rewarded more that simply sticking to a formula. IÂ’m often dismissive of Madlib, but he severs up the goods, the beats are nothing short of amazing. MF does his thing again, hope he lays low for a while after his Rhymesayers release, else we looking at a bit of over-exposure.


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        Not the album of the year, but a really, really good album. Lacks hits, the tunes are hidden between interlude, intros, outros, skits, samples and jokes.

        And there's lot of stuff that is as good if not better now: murs, kanye west (seriously, this LP rocks like a motherless bastard), etc.

        Rhymesayers is definetely a label to keep your eyes on. Saw atmosphere in Stockholm a week ago. Easily the best gig I've been to, for some time.

        Also looking forward to the RJD2 record. not to mention perceptionist who are also on Def Jux.


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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] (mokka @ April 04 2004,13:35)]Saw atmosphere in Stockholm a week ago. Easily the best gig I've been to, for some time.
          Glad to hear that, I'm off to Paris on the 20th to catch Atmosphere.


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            Actually Madvillainy is the first new hip-hop album i've bought for ages and i'm loving it. played about 5 times in a row as soon as i got! Definitely looking like my album of the year, i'll be pleased if anything can top it though.
            "All Caps" has a killer loop, would love to know where that is from.
            Hey Mokka; is there any Finnish hip-hop worth checking for? I've picked up a couple of things that were ok, some nice production. No one in the shops I went to could recommend anything...



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              I'm loving finnish undergound hip hop to bits, but it does not travel well. its so-o culture and language specific that it hurts.

              There's a few things that might open to out-of-towners: Vähäiset Äänet, Rudi, Synoptic (in english) and Serkkupojat. And of course there's loads of guys doing dope instrumentals like Antti Szurawitzki and Aphilas. Can't stress how good they are. Things are hard to get - esp. on vinyl - so you have to be there at the right time. typicallt hot joints sell out in 2-3 weeks.

              email these shops they'll sort you out with anything - and give good recommendations as well.:

              [email protected]
              [email protected]


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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (mokka @ April 04 2004,13:35)]Rhymesayers is definetely a label to keep your eyes on. Saw atmosphere in Stockholm a week ago. Easily the best gig I've been to, for some time.
                i've never been a big Atmosphere fan but i'm always amazed at how fast these guys have come up in the past 5 years. I remember when Slug used to work the counter at one of my regular record store haunts, The Electric Fetus. then he quit and started his own 5th Element store selling hip hop---unfortunately he's got nothing but a bunch of twats working for him who know nothing. so yeah, it's always a trip hearing about these guys doing shows across the pond.


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                  Originally posted by [b
                  Quote[/b] ]Glad to hear that, I'm off to Paris on the 20th to catch Atmosphere.
                  heard they cancelled the UK gig, is that true?
                  Originally posted by [b
                  Quote[/b] ]it's always a trip hearing about these guys doing shows across the pond.
                  then you would have totally tripped hearing 700 swedish kids singing along 90% of their tunes....


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                    Cheers, I'll check for that stuff. picked up a compilation from Open Records "Suomi Hip-hop2", it's ok but i'm sure there is better stuff out there. oh and Pikku G (just kidding )
                    You know any good record shops in Tampere and (it's a long shot) Oulu? found a place, swamp music which is cool but didn't have time to search for other places.



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                      I don't know if the file is still there but when the Madvillian came out on CD and was being passed around on this side of the ocean there was a thread on Soulstrut listing all the samples that people had caught. Try doing a search there.


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                        Tampere has some ok shops. The best one is Voltti, these all are worth checking:

                        Antikvariaatti Aikakone
                        Kyttälänkatu 14
                        33100 Tampere
                        Puhelin: 0400 834 838

                        Second Hand Swamp Music
                        Avoinna: Ma-Pe 11-18, La 10-15
                        Verkatehtaankatu 11
                        33100 Tampere
                        Puhelin: (03) 212 3187
                        Fax: (03) 212 3287

                        Voltti Records
                        Tuomiokirkonkatu 21
                        33100 Tampere
                        Puhelin: (03) 212 6761

                        The Suomi hip hop compilations have their moments, but are mostly of, eh, historical importance. Pikku G is the first rapsuperstar here and probably the last. He selling tons of records. What are doing in Finland if I may ask?

                        If you're in Helsinki next friday and wont to check out some live action get yourself to Tavastia. Its Serkkupojat and Rudi live. Should be great.


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                          Originally posted by [b
                          Quote[/b] ]Try doing a search there.
                          thanks motowny!


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                            Cool, I checked the secondhand swamp music, it's cool. didn't find Voltti.
                            My girlfriend is from Oulu, been there a couple of times via Helsinki and Tampere. Should be going again, for as long as i can, this summer too, probably july/august.
                            Is there much in the way of charity shops worth looking for? Found a kind of flea markets (kirpputori?) that had some vinyl.
                            Didn't have a chence to check any hiphop nights, the missus really isn't into it, going to try harder next time!
                            picked up a second class citizens CD, had good production but they were rapping in english which didn't sound right. i prefer listening to people use there native language even if i can't understand it. i'm usually more into the flow then the lyrics anyway.



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                              I tried searching soulstrut but didn't come up with anything. any one have any luck?