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  • Virus frenzy

    Public service announcement:

    In the space of about twelve hours I've had 22 emails containg the latest virus that's doing the rounds. Three of them came from my own email address!! So now is the time to update that virus software and scan your harddrive.

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    Or it might be time to consider Apple once more - I've used Mac's for 10 years now and haven't seen the first one yet.


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      Just don't have emails on preview. If an email is from an unknown source and approx 30 or 40k or more in size it's immediately suspicious. I just view source rather than previewing or opening anything suspicious. As soon as you see it has a .scr or .pif type attachment in it it's confirmed as being a virus and can be deleted without further ado.


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        I never download any attachments from anyone I don't know. These ones are easy to spot anyway. They're coming thick and fast though. I just had 22 more in the space of a few hours.


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          Actually I'm Apple and I too have noticed a lot of dodgy emails lately. Blueyonder always gets them first. All I see is a garbled message with some kind of attachment that's been removed or something. Haven't had one for a couple of days, but before that there were loads coming in...

          I guess the good thing about macs is that all the attachments had weird file names, you know, after the dot at the end. Since my Mac hardly opens any of them, it's easy to spot the weird filetypes - I wouldn't open them anyways. Some friends of mine also mentioned seeing tons of virus/suspect emails coming into their workplaces too.


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            I'm on 15 virus emails a day now. even with to notch filters and stuff.

            What makes anyone open an attachment for mail that usully says something like:

            "Great text!" or "here's the documents requested" from a totally unknown source?

            A clever, allthough obvious, one this morning stated:

            "Your document is attached.

            +++ Attachment: No Virus found
            +++ Bitdefender AntiVirus - "


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              I also get the emails like everyone does, lot's of emails, you just can't hide from those, but that wasn't it. I ment that if you have Mac you just don't have to worry about the messages or message attachments or the viruses like in Windows...


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                I've been battling a nasty virus ( plus a couple of variants ) all day that sends out automated mails. It's called W32/sober.d.worm, also got W32/sober.e.worm and now W32/sober.f.worm

                This is the first virus I've ever had, I was/am fully Norton'ed up with the latest virus definitions, and never open unsolicited emails and it still got in, tho I don't know how!

                Apologies if any of the junk they makes has reached you if you are in my address book.

                I think my system's clean now, but I doing more checks just in case

                [ edit : All fresh & clean. If you're in any doubt about this one, there's info and a removal tool at . . . ]
                Laminated with Clarifoilâ„¢

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