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Boogie juice finally hits...

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  • Boogie juice finally hits...

    It's the real thing alright!!!
    There MUST be a Hymns-A-Swingin' in this box...

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    Jesus Christ, I can't believe some twat finally paid his ridiculous price. That buyer has just accelerated insane ebaying the world over... Hope he enjoys his new tune... I'm tempted to contact him to let him know he just paid at least £75 over the top!


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      You should do that. I've sold stuff to unsungone before and he's a nice lad. Shame to see him spuff so much dosh needlessly.

      I thought BJ had plumbed new depths of being a dick when I saw that listing, but for a buyer to match him is crazy!!

      Then again, you'd think someone with over 300 feedbacks (and countless more transactions) probably knows what they're doing. Maybe he needs to learn this one the hard way?

      Next week Mr Juice sells some old rope and polishes several turds before flogging anthracite to Geordies.
      Jet Boy stole my baby.