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    Know this is a bit old after the Brainfreeze stuff, but i was wondering which ones should I be looking out for weird spoken word snippets and possibly music??
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    I wouldn't say that using radio spots was in any way 'old' just because a couple are used on Brainfreeze. OK, maybe using 'Thunderkick' might be a bit played

    As for what to buy. There are *hundreds* of different movies out there that have spot 45s or 33s, and given that you are most likely to buying blind via the wonders of the www.... just make a guess by the title and genre. I don't think there is any science to it.

    Personally, I tend to just buy horror or porn ones. Tend to have the greatest hyperbole involved in the promotion.
    Matt Hero


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      i know we're all wax-obsessed, but forgetting that for a moment there's a really good CD of about 40 of the best blaxploitation movie spots. it used to be commercially available - if not, drop me a line and i'll sort one out.

      these spots weren't restricted to 45s either - there are LP compilations of spots from film companies too.
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        quick update on this - Col from the excellent Moviegrooves site can supply this CD with 54 original movie radio spots:

        Blax radio spots
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          Along those lines, I got the one for 'The Specialist' (no, not that one) recently, with Lou Rawls singing the main theme on the flip. Worth a cheap punt if you see it.....
          Matt Hero


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            hi guys - thanks for the link theeman.

            Yeah the SuperBad, Super Black (radio spots) CD is pretty darn cool. It's also available on LP too!

            We also have coming v. soon on LP only: "Scarface Breaks" - music and lots of *dialogue* from the cult movie "Scarface".

            Let me know if anyone wants one of these beauties!

            Also check our spoken word section. The Spider-Man LP has some partcularly nice/funny/cheesy bits of spoken word:



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