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Wtf's up with ebay now?

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  • Wtf's up with ebay now?

    Signed in on ebay just now and noticed that all my bidding/watching/selling items have completely disappeared... I have an ebay bill to pay off, but I thought it said it has to be paid by the end of the billing cycle, which I understood to be the end of the month... Can't find any explanation as to why this has happened at all.

    I'm wondering if they've suspended the account until they get paid, but there's no warnings of confirmation of this anywhere. Or have they changed something else and wiped everyone's ebay details... Anyone else having trouble or is it just me?

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    aren't we in the weekly eBay admin window until around 11:30am ? I'd check it after this time and if it is still messed up, then chase it up.
    Matt Hero


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      What he said.


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        yes but normally you can't check "my ebay" now it's empty...

        will have to wait until 13h00 ....


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          Shit, just realised... Just paid off the fees in a panic when I really didn't need to. This is not a good day...

          I didn't realise it wipes everything away for a while. Why the fuck can't they just fuckin say they're on maintenence - is that so fuckin hard?

          Fuck's sake


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            i have teh same problem.. got most of teh items back but it still refuses to acknowledge what i'm bidding on..

            a simple warning email would be appreciated


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              seems to be back on OK.
              We know when a mate buys it for you too.